The Explosive business briefly explained!

The Explosive business briefly explained!


Thank you for reading this!

I have worked with network marketing in over 20 years, but i have never seen a bonus plan like this!

The Gambling industry is one of the largest in the world. Finally, for the first time in history there comes a game on internet, that is not a copy of land based game. This is the world`s first crowd gambling business. Explosive will revamp gambling on the internet.

Many people play lottery every week, with bad odds. Here will it be minimum 50% chance to win every week.(+ bonus payments) Our business is built by sharing, rather than spend money on advertising. The money go back to the network!

I`m really interested to build my business up in other Countries. I KNOW that Explosive will get really huge all over the world. Now you have the chance to become one of the first to build up this business in your country. I hope that YOU want to be one of our team.

When you join Explosive, you have 2 options:

1. You can join as a free member

2. You can join/upgrade as a Premium member/Partner, for € 200

This will explain the differences:

Free member: You can introduce friends and family to Explosive as a free member, one good reason to do so, if is someone you introduced wins a cash prize in the Explosive lottery, then you win as well. So the more players you have introduced, the bigger is your chance of winning. Another good reason to introduce new members is the "power of many", the more people that joins Explosive, the better our products and services will be. So by helping Explosive grow, you will get benefits of this.                                                                          You can also join as a free member, and play the Explosive lottery if and when you want. (Without recruiting)

Premium member: Are those members who upgrade their membership in order to build their own business by sharing Explosive with others.When you upgrade to Premium member, it will brings you more opportunities to earn money. (8 ways of earning money) If your friends an family(and their friends and family...) wins a cash prize, you will win even more as a premium member, than a free member.( Minimum in 5 generation, with possibility for infinity) Explosive offers an extremely rewarding earnings plan, you`ve never seen before. As a premium member you will also earn money if you introduces other Partners/Premium member.(€ 50) So if you introduces 4 Premium member/partner, you have get your investment back.

 Come on, and join our amazing team!

Best regards



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This article was published on 02.09.2016 by Linda Hansen
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