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Recharge and get paid is an online business that focuses on virtual top up,  cable TV subion, sells of data and electricity bills payment. These are products that are used perpetually, habitually and unavoidably. What recharge and get paid is saying in a nutshell is that using airtime is good but being paid for using the airtime is the best. Some of my audiences have been using airtime in the last ten years, yet no additional incentive. Come on!  Even if you were buying consistently from a particular shop in the local market, at least, there comes a  time your customer can decide to give you a percentage deduction to get the goods at a cheaper rate. So,why have you been buying airtime and other related services without being paid?  It is an error and recharge and get paid is here to correct that error. 

How can this error be corrected? Simple!  You will be paid for using airtime and data. As if that is not enough, when you subscribe to DSTV, STARTIMES or Gotv, you get paid. When you pay your electricity bills through recharge and get paid, you get paid. The most interesting aspect of Recharge and get paid is that when you reffer someone to Recharge and get paid, RAGP says thank you for that and you are also paid. 

You get 2% of all your recharges, 10% of all your data sub, 40 naira for DSTV subions. As if that is not enough, when you refer people, you get paid 20% of his or her registration amount. You can even decide to do away with the referral aspect of the business because some people get scared of discussing business opportunities with others for one reason or the other. You still earn your incomes as far as you are using airtime, data or doing DSTV subons. 

As you recruit more people, you get rewarded with mind boggling incentives. Lets give it to recharge and get paid. Three years so far in Nigeria and still counting. Still growing in leaps and bounds. 

So many positive things about recharge and get paid. The products are marketable, the goods are not bulky, the pay is good. 

For more info about this unique platform,why don't you click the link below to join our group chat :

This article was published on 12.11.2018 by Grace Akpan
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