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Secrets To Building A Successful Network Marketing Business

Too often in life we listen to what others have to say about how we should think, feel, and act!

When it comes to building a Network Marketing Business, we listen to the horror stories we heard about this industry instead of conducting our own due diligence. We should not allow ourselves to become attached to the emotional thoughts and ideas of other people. You need to make your mind up about what you see, read, and hear.

Unfortunately we get most of what we know from other people, and unfortunately most of that is embedded in our minds before the age of three; and by age six parts of our brains start to shut down and we spend the rest of our lives building upon what we already know.

We go to school to learn and as stated above we are listening to what others have to say about the subject we are learning. We either accept what someone else teaches us or we don’t! If we accept what we are taught we believe it to be the truth until we are confronted with something that goes contrary to what we believe.

Whether You Think You Can or You Think You Can’t! You’re Right!

Your mind holds the secrets to everything you do in life. It’s up to you to feed it the right things so that they can take root in your subconscious and be manifested into your life as reality.

If you think you can’t do something, there is no one in this world that can convince you otherwise. It’s up to you to decide to change your mind about that thing that you think you can’t do.

If you think Network Marketing is a SCAM, then you are listening to someone else’s opinion of Network Marketing. If you conduct your own due diligence about Network Marketing, you would find that it is modeled off Corporate America in that you are the CEO of Your Own Business (Y.O.B) like a CEO is the head of the company he/she manages.

You recruit others to help you build your Network Marketing business just like a CEO recruits a CFO, a COO, and a CIO to help run his/her business.

You have people new to your Network Marketing Team, just like a CEO has new employees in his/her business. These new people on your team were either recruited by you or someone else on your team just like the CFO, COO, and CIO recruits people to help them manage and run the part of the business that the CEO recruited them to run.

The difference is that instead of you being an employee who is told when to come to work, when you can take a lunch break, when to go home, and when to take a vacation, you have decided to take control of your time and work for yourself instead of working for someone else.

Most Decisions Are Made Based Upon Fear

We are too consumed about what others might think of us to take action on things that could change our lives.

Whether it’s the fear of being embarrassed, the fear of failure, the fear of loss, or the fear of not knowing, we spend entirely too much time being afraid.

Learning how to do something takes away the fear of not knowing how to do that thing, but if you don’t get rid of your fear of failure, you will never succeed.

Life is built upon failure, it is the lesson we learn from doing things the wrong way which leads us to a life of success.

Thomas Edison is said to have failed 10,000 times in his attempts to create the light bulb; however, he looks at those 10,000 failed attempts as ways that did not work. We only talk about the fact that he invented the light bulb.

It is all about how we see things in our reality that make a difference in our lives. That is why two people can look at the same thing and you get two different versions or realities.

You can overcome your fears by learning the right way to build a successful Network Marketing Business. It’s up to you to decide if that is what you want.

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This article was published on 13.11.2018 by Steve Dobson
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