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How to build a good downline with a good team

Creating a downline for sure is not easy, the explosive power of multilevel marketing is the one that with few people in your team you can create a huge amount of money coming into your wallet. But this is theory and the practice instead is different, you don't only need to find referrals but they have to be quality ones indeed and so you place ads everywhere to find people that don't have the skills to succeed or even worse that don't are either able to learn the method you are offering them. 

Of course, if you keep searching then you'll find the people you are looking for but this could be a long process requiring time and money to get succeed in finding the right people to work with and enough gifted to learn with you to improve their marketing skills in order to get the goal. It's better that you find already people that are entrepreneurs or at least are prepared and have the mindset to start their own personal career where their boss is simply them. For sure MLMGateway is indeed a good place to find such people.

There are plenty of people here determined to get success but at the same time, I feel that some of them are too much focused on their personal business. Nothing wrong with it but to get skilled people to work with is needed or to prove that your business is better than yours or just offer them a mutual partnership in which you join their program while they join you.

Think that with just two people and if they do the same on 6 levels then you create a downline of 126 members that if pass a commission of 10$ each one then you make a monthly income of 1260$. Also, keep in mind that the company working with them could disappear, and working with more could be safer. At the same time, you can't manage more than 3-4 businesses but you improve in this way your safety and you start to have mutual and more profitable business relationships.

So don't think your business opportunity is the best but seek to see that there are others that maybe are not better but can give you extra income and can even help improve the results of what you are doing now. Do you have something to offer and at the same time, you are willing to evaluate what I have to offer? In this case, don't hesitate to contact me...

This article was published on 17.02.2022 by Flaminio Ranzato
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