Tire Kickers In Your Organization And How To Handle Them

For those of you that have ready my previous business announcements, I often talk about success in a unique way...  Whether it is my personal success or the reality that MLM is hard work or that you need to stop treating people like numbers...  Up until now everything I have written has been more or less about motivating people who would otherwise just sit around.  Today is going to be a little different...

You've heard the term "tire kicker" before... But how many truly know what it means to be a tire kicker?  Imagine for a minute you are driving down the road and you get a flat tire...  You pull over, get out of your car, walk over, look at the tire, then haul off and kick it!  What good did that do?  Your tire is still flat, and now your foot hurts.  I describe a "tire kicker" as someone who sits around, does nothing, and complains that they are not making any money.  They are focused on the problem (not making any money) and not doing anything about it.

I recently started reading a book called Book Yourself Solid .  I want to share a little bit of what it talks about...  In this book, one of the first things that the author (Michael Port) tells us to do is "ditch your dud clients".  Of course in MLM, we don't necessarily have "clients", but we do have "customers" and "affiliates".  We can use these terms interchangeably in the context of this advice.

Simply put, a "client" is someone that pays you for a product or service.  The same can be said for the other terms.  Plug in the word that best describes how your opportunity labels the people who buy your products and those who build businesses.

So, the theory seems- at the surface- to be counter productive to building success...  I mean, why would anyone want to THROW AWAY a bad customer or distributor?  They are still a customer, right?  Because, working with the right people will allow you to attract the right people!

I will admit here that in my personal organization, I have more "duds" than "studs".  You are probably in the same boat...  They enroll, they are excited that they can make a lot of money, then they start...  They don't your emails or calls to try to help them, they don't talk to anyone about what they do, they just look week after week at the fact that they aren't successful yet.

Because you NEED them to be successful, you keep trying to help them...  What happens to you?  You get worn out, you get stressed, and your business begins to suffer as a result.  Is it better to have an organization full of tire kickers and duds that suck the life out of you or is it better to have a small team of people who are hungry for more?  That small team will provide you with the energy to go out and get MORE hungry people.  That small team will account for a LARGER percentage of your income...

I will end by saying this...  Spend your time with the ones in your organization that WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!  Let the others fall by the wayside.  Maybe even encourage them to go ahead and leave.

If you are tired of having an unproductive organization and want to be able to build a team that produces results, go to my business site and join my team.  Bring your people who want to be successful and let's achieve our dreams together!  If you have read my announcements in the past, you have gotten just a small sample of what I send to my team to help them.  Because of my approach, my team is experiencing amazing growth.  The teams of my team members who duplicate what I do are also experiencing amazing growth...  Don't you deserve the same?

This article was published on 14.11.2016 by Chris Kuhlman
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