Crypto (Digital) Currencies - Ground Floor Opportunity!

Crypto Currencies are the future of money. The first Crypto Currency known as Bitcoin started in 2009 at 0.02 USD. By 2013 it had catapulted in value to US$1300.00 and many people became very, very wealthy as a result. It has now settled down to a value of around US$700.00. Dedicated Bitcoin ATM's are springing up in most of the major cities around the world.

Initially, Crypto Currencies were viewed as a weird or passing notion and was not taken seriously. This is changing very fast now as even the ultra conservative banks are scrambling to understand the Blockchain, which is the underlying technology behind Crypto Currencies. Banks have realised that it is a case of adapt or die for them, otherwise they may become largely redundant as Crypto Currencies via the Blockchain, enable people to make Peer to Peer payments to each other worldwide at almost no cost, without going through a third party like a bank with their very high fees. 

In June of this year a new Crypto Currency known as SwissCoin was born in Switzerland, traditionally the most trusted country in the world. It is currently priced at only 0.08 Euros, but conservative predictions place the value at around 10.00 Euros or more by 2020 or earlier. There are 2 opportunities here - Purchase the coin now at only 0.08 Euros and sit on it for a while to re-sell later at a much higher price or alternatively, use it as a means of payment at merchants worldwide, as it will soon be linked with a MasterCard for all members. The second option is to share this unique opportunity with others and be very well rewarded for your efforts. This opportunity has already made a lot of members very wealthy and is sure to create many Millionaires and even Billionaires in a relatively short space of time. When members purchase the SwissCoin packs ranging in price from only 25 Euros, they come with Educational Packs from the SwissCoin Academy, which serves to teach the members everything about Crypto Currencies and the Blockchain.

There is no cost obligation or monthly fees of any kind. Open your Free account now as a Founding Member and be rewarded with 100 Free SwissCoins as a welcome bonus from the Company, plus your very own Personalised Replicating Website which you can use to promote the opportunity to others.   Register here :

As an esteemed member of the Swiss Dream Team, you will receive all the training and encouragement in order to change many lives, including your own beyond your wildest imaginings.

Best SwissCoin regards,

Paul Retief

+27 83 275 1092

This article was published on 03.11.2016 by Paul Retief
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SwissCoin - Crypto Currency, Free to join

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