SKINNY BODY becoming MLM Gateway members BEST choice..see why

This program is what 99.9% of network marketers dream.

I started promoting the program one week after I joined.

...and started promoting it here in MLM Gateway and in 30 days

...41 MLM Gateway members joined me.

...why are they joining?'s some of the answers.


How about you have the correct frame of mind?

...the correct mindset that will set you free?

In my daily BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENT.....I will teach you


Here's more reasons...let me wake you up!! is free to entry fee is the only company that builds your downline

...also.... all members of the program help build your downline

... the company's compensation plan is the BEST in the industry

... you can make money the first week or earlier

... no experience required

... even the newbies are earning $600 a month after 6 months

... more experienced marketer who promotes the program can earn 6 figures in 6 months or less

... the amazing products..change your life

... the ability to enroll every member of you family 18 years or older

... the ability to earn an ever increasing monthly residual income

... the power of the straight build powerline

... the non-stop placement of people under you

... the matching bonuses you get when you move up in ranks

... the time freedom you gain working from home

... the retail profits you can earn selling the products.

... the hundreds or thusands of overweight people you can help

... the prospect of starting your own HEALTH and WELLNESS store

    (one of my goal)

... the prospect of being the main source of your families key to financial freedom

... the availability of getting people worldwide as your downline members

... the real key to HEALTH, financial and Time freedom

... the almost 100% key to build a huge monthly income

... the company that is almost 6 years old..has proven itself

... the company whose main goal is to make your dreams come true

... the only program today that will not quit until you as a member become rich

... the products that 75% of the world's population need.

... the famiy atmosphere within the company

... YOU ARE NOT a part of our family today

... start your journey and earn....just like your MLM Gateway brothers and sisters!

Take from a person who's been there and done that.

I have been network marketing since I retired from the US NAVY

in 1992.  I did not start right away....I worked many management type

jobs working 12 to 15 hours a day...the pay is good....but there is

no time freedom.  Working those hours and being a veteran who

served in Vietnam during the time when the US ARMED FORCES was

spraying the country with agent orange.....I was adversely affected the agent orange...and was hospitalized for over a month

for unknown illnesses.  One illness was DIABETES.....after I was

released from hospitalization.....I was weak for almost a year.

When I regained my health (partially)....I started network marketing..

...starting an eBay Store with over 2,000 products in my inveentory.

....but much of my profits are going to eBay and Paypal fees.

It did not take long before my ebay Store was being charge more

than what I am earning.....I quit and tried other MLM programs,

HERBALIFE, MELALEUCA, and other HEALTH and Wellness MLM companies.

Most of the companies require you to buy products

at higher levels so you can earn more commissions when

you sell them at retail prices.

Non of the companies build your downline....they just want

your money....and left you with a garage full of products you

cannot sell......or even give away.

Now comes a company that builds your downline

...and products that sells themselves...where customers hunt you down they can buy the products for their monthly need.

... and they spread the word to other people who need the product.


CAN you now see why MLM Gateway members are joining me?

You too can have FINANCIAL, TIME FREEDOM, earn a 6 figure income

...................and be HEALTHY!!!!

SKINNY BODY CARE is working on this verse in PROVERBS


"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Creating Wealth means Taking Control

of Your MINDSET and having

 the correct tools. and A instructor/mentor

BE MY STUDENT...follow all my lessons/business announcements.

This article was published on 29.07.2016 by Rafael Cruz
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