COMMHUBB What is it? and what does it mean for YOU?

Good morning folks,

I recently joined, aboslutely FREE, an outrageous new concept which - if the founders pull it off - could make allthose who get involved now very wealthy indeed. But HEY, the way I look at it is it's free now and always will be, I don't get annoying emails from them and I already own shares and have earned money. ALL FOR FREE!

So What is COMMHUBB?

Recently founded by 3 60 something Americans Community Hubbub palns to make the internet free buy inviting everyone who has the internet to join them FREE over the next 2 years and become shareholders in a Billion Dollar Company which will provide free internet in the way that Mark Zukerberg provides free Facebook. Their aim is to have millions (if not hundreds of millions) of members and shareholders which of course will be an advertiser's dream the way that Facebook is now. The only difference will be, and is already, that joining COMMHUBB for free will immediately give you shares and the ability to earn a small income by inviting others to join. It's by no means a get rich quick company (depending on how you look at the possibility of owning thousands or even millions of dollars worth of shares at their IPO launch in 2 years) but going back to the word FREE what the hell do you have to lose by signing up.

I have huge optimism that such a daring and outrageous scheme might actually just work if the founders keep up ther pace of support and promotion.


Why would they do this?

The big corporations can't be trusted to maintain a fair and honest internet. COMMHUBB will attempt to OCCUPY the Internet and will be a company owned by YOU and ME. If they pull it off it will be an amazing shift of control over the internet away from powerfu people and into the hands of the people who actually use it. Sure – you are getting what most people call “insider” stock. Stock that is issued before public offerings. To give you an example I recently saw, 1 (one) share of Microsoft at its’s early development would be worth over $1 MILLION now – just one share! That does not mean they can do the same but that is their goal. When they do their IPO within 2 years (by the end of 2018), they anticipate that your shares may already be worth as high as $15 to $20 a share. So getting lots of stock shares could make you very rich in the future. It’s a FREE investment.


This article was published on 05.06.2016 by John Ward
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