You won't want to miss it!

You may think you have heard everything about Zarfund.

Yes it is a Matrix, yes it's been almost two months after the launching and Yes it is a great opportunity.

What do you mean you are not in yet? You must U be kidding me, you are going to let it pass you aren't you?

Well shame on you, because you are always crying because that big bussiness opportunity never comes up. And when it comes you just sit there with out moving a finger. 

Sure you can make money without invest a peny, but that's what you will get a peny. Think big, bigger,the limit it's your mind. 

Come join me in Zarfund you can make what you want, but you will have to WORK hard, it's your future we are talking about, so go and do something about it, stop wining and start doing.

This is the link to your next vacation, to pay out your debts, to have a great retirement or to whatevet you want

Join and start living free, with out worrys, enjoying your wife/husband/child/parents/pet YOUR life. 

Yes we are over 30,000 people whom have join, but we are billions of people living in this worls, don't you think you'r just making excuses. I think we have a lot of people to present this opportunity. 

Remember all donations are send from wallet to wallet, so you are your own bank in this site. You don't have to wait for the admin to give you your money. That's great, we are cutting the middle man here.

So you won't be scamed.

Now I'll tell how it works. Once you join you will donate 0.03 bitcoin (BTC) to your direct sponsor. And you need to invite two people, when you have them, each of them will donate you 0.03BTC. That mean in that moment you'll have 0.06BTC and you should upgrade to the next level, to do so you are going to donate 0.05BTC to your second upline. On the other hand your two referrals will have to invite two peoplr each, once this four peolple have their two, the four of them will give you each 0.05BTC. In that moment you will have 0.2 BTC and you should upgrade to next level. This goes on for 6 levels in total. In level 6, after you completed your matrix with 126 people you will gain 164BTC.

Depending on the level you are at you will have to donate every 30 days to your upline. For example, if you are in level 3 you will have to donate 0.03 + 0.05 + 0.1 = 0.18 BTC .

The same goes for receiving donations, taking the same example, you will receive 0.06 + 0.20 + 0.8= 1.06

This article was published on 30.09.2016 by Monica Hernandez
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