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Hi my name is Dario Omerdic 

I'm inviting you to be part of the most amazing social platform ever, that pays you to interact with others.

Join the highest paying social network on the internet. You can join for free or as a business member which i will talk more about below. Generate free traffic and advertise your own offers and products, works really great for affiliate marketing. Just think about it, You already spend time on FB, Twitter and maybe G+ promoting, why not get paid for doing so on top of your future sales and cash out in Bitcoins which are skyrocketing right now? 

Join a growing community of like minded business people. Get paid when you make or like a post, share a link to your promotions, comment on other posts, chat with your friends, you get paid up ten levels deep on the most basic level, 2195,00 members on the basic matrix will bring you a 29k a month. As your Sponsor I will provide you with:

The How to Start Profiting Immediately

My Own MLM & BizzOp Marketing Strategies 

Best Packages To Choose & Start Profiting

FutureNet is the only netwrok on the Internet that gives you the opportunity to earn steady income each day for what you already do for free (fb, twitter, g+, instagram, tumblr, etc...)

If you already do PTC and Revenue Share programs you will surely love FutureNet Club.

You can EARN on Futurenet by being a FREE member or PAID member. If you decide to join as a FREE member all you have to do is interact on the network like you do on facebook. Make sure to invite each day 20 friends, chat with them and offer them your services, and also post your promotions on your wall. At the end of the day you will get your commision. There is no limit on how much friends you can have here, and every time you post on your wall it will be visible to all your friends. This is basicly a NEW TRAFFIC SOURCE for you to promote whatever you desire. While being a free member please do not invite people to join under you - as your referrals. WHY? Read More Below.

If you decide to join as a PAID member (One Time Fee), only then begin inviting people to join under your referral link. If it happens that you are free member and invite somebody that joins under you and pays to become a paid member you won't get anything. You need to be a paid member first to get commisions when somebody joins under your link and pays too. That said, here is how you will earn as a business member:

1. Referring others who will join under you and pay to become business members. You will earn 50% of anything your referrers earn, 5% of every new members your referrers bring, sponsors giving referrals under you for free, if you or anyone you referred completes his member matrix and has 2195 referrals in $10 member tier huge $$$ will be paid out.

2. You can sell your Media (ebooks, tutorials, books, videos, guides,etc...) in FutureNet Marketplace.

3. Holy Grail known as "AdPack or Share" that were launched in april 2016. Right now ,this is the BEST ONLINE OPPORTUNITY to earn passive $$$ + you don't need to referre anybody for this if you don't want to. Each AdPack is $50 and it brings $60 over time guaranteed, plus for each AdPack you buy you get 800 views of advertising to spend promoting your business, products, offers or affiliate promotions! Not only will it earn you money longterm but also give you advertising credits to promote anything you wish. The best part is that you can get paid in Bitcoins. Right now Bitcoins are in the rise and in the mid of $600's and are expected to go again over $1000's. By joining today and investing only into AdPacks is the fastest and safest way to your passive income. I have special tactic regarding AdPacks, if you join today i will share it with you so you don't get confused or start the system the wrong way.

Futurenet Club is trending and here to stay with proven track record for over 3 years and thousands of successful members. Many sites similar to Futurenet have fallen but this network is strong and is setting the standard for a new social network era. Take a tour for free and be certain that I will hold your hand and guide you to profit as a free or paid member from the minute you Join the revolution!


Dario Omerdic


Tel. 0038267447995

This article was published on 07.07.2016 by Lidu Didu
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