Affiliates VS Your Own - Beyond Direct Promotion Outlets

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Recently I started on a series as regarding your own product vs affiliate produts, the pros and cons and how to use both for your own benefit in business.

If you havent been following up, check out my last one HERE wher I mentioned about profiting using JVs to promote your own product.

Today, we will be talking about promotion outlets and now we get to the good part, where your situation gets even more fluid.

A big part of your owning and promoting your own product is setting up and affiliate system, so the established marketers, or those with a good list out there can promote for you. This brings even more resources into your lap for future promotion.

There's some very important factors about running your own affiliate program that I see many people fail to notice or even implement on a daily basis, that if nurtured correctly, will see you and your business through many products and very profitable times. The first thing to keep in mind is that your resources have grown once again. This is very important. Notice when I talk about resources here, I'm not talking about random quality leads that you purchased or anything as weak as that. Oh no, again this is far more powerful.

Something that you may have noticed many of the big and successful marketers have in common is that they have a quality affiliate base. Just like your list, something you can't gather if you start off promoting affiliate programs. An affiliate base is very important. They're just like the big contacts that you may make through joint ventures, and their promotion power can be immense.

Once they're in your system, or have bought your product and promoted for you as an affiliate, that's it. Unless you do something drastically miss calculated or unethical to break the trust, they're going to promote for you again and again. With your own affiliate systems in place to support your product, again, you're going to get a lot more in the way of initial sales, due to the fact it's far easier to have an army of marketers promoting for you than it is to try and sell a product on your own, but also, these guys are here for good.

Keep releasing good products, and they will stay with you. Don't forget them, they are pure gold, and you can take advantage of this fact in a number of ways. Special promotions, special deals, increased commissions for particular periods that you may offer through a broadcast, and so on. Once again, you have a much better opportunity here, and a much more dynamic situation that you can do with as you please, when you please. As long as it pleases your affiliates too.

These affiliate are the guys with the lists. Your promotion power. Not only that, but this is where things get better for the fourth time. Once your resources start growing, the people on your list, and also your affiliates are going to start coming to you with joint venture offers, introducing you to new contacts, and so on. See how there’s a huge snowball like effect going on here? Something that you'll never see if you promote affiliate programs before you're established.

Ok, I think that's enough with the examples right now. I could talk about what you can do with your own product for days, but I won't. That's enough to really to show you what I'm getting at and the kind of advantages you can put yourself in front of.

What I just took you through, as I mentioned earlier is an overly powerful snowball effect that you'll be able to see when you get your own products up and running. Whatever you do, if you're not established yet, and don't have the resources like we talked about above, don't start promoting affiliate programs yet. Get your own products out there at least once along with this course. You'll be much happier and more successful for it.

Thanks for reading my article and stay tune for my next one on this series where I will be discussing about some exception marketers and how to make thousands a month promoting affiliate products, plus more tips on how you too can make it through a very simple process.

Until Then

Bruno Duarte & Homebiz Essentials


This article was published on 28.01.2016 by Bruno Duarte
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