I do not know if you have heard of or if you are participating in Crowd Rising? If not, I invite you to have a good look at this. I have joined and it is low cost/ low risk with potential extremely high returns. I am doing this for fun and am quite exited. I am hereby inviting you to join and benefit too.

You need five people who are computer-literate, and that are willing to spend R300 in order to improve their lives? All that is needed from you is a once off payment of R 300 to a member after you have signed up and set your account up.


Basically, Crowd Rising requires a one off sending of R 300.00 and after doing a few things, will bring you R 1,500, utilizing 5 people below you. You then spend R 600 from your profit leaving you with R 900 net to upgrade to level 2 at which time 25 people will each send you R 600 = R 15,000. You then spend R 900 leaving you with a net R 14,100 to upgrade to level 3 and send R 900 to one person. Thereafter 125 people send you R900 = R 112,500 etc. It continues as such to level 15, always using your same 5 people.

Each should have computer and internet access as money is based on peer donations from person to person with confirmations etc. You can have your monies sent to your bank account, bitcoin wallet and or payer such as Payza and you should register all such accounts. My referral link, general guidelines and promotional tolls are detailed below.

MY REFERAL LINK for you to use when you register


Ø CrowdRising is a very exciting worldwide opportunity. You only pay R300 or $20 out of pocket once.

Ø As soon as you have registered, the system gives you 48hrs to make payment to the bank account provided.

Ø As soon as the recipient approves your payment, you will be activated and you will receive your own referral link.

Ø You have 10 levels. On you first level there can fit 5 people.

Ø You will receive R300 from each person. That makes it R1500 that you will receive.

Ø This is all that you can receive on this level, so what you now want to do to earn more, is to take R600 or $40 of this profit and upgrade to level 2.

Ø On level 2 there fits 5 x 5 = 25 people. So now you will be able to earn R600 x 25 = R15000!!!

Ø You can advance to the next level at any time. The next level will cost R900 or $60.

Ø It is very sensible to upgrade to Level 3 as well, straight away, from your Level 1 money (R900).

Ø You don't want your downlines to overtake you.

Ø This will open up another level on which you can earn from 25 x 5 = 125 people..getting R900 from each one.

Ø That is a total of R112 500 that can be earned on this level. You have 10 levels. From here it just starts getting crazy.

Ø All of this is built upon a simple formula...5 people each referring 5 people...that's it!

Ø You can choose where people pay you..local bank account, bitcoin wallet, paypal, payeer etc.

Ø It is not going to be difficult to get 5 people, because it is only once-off R300 or $20 out of pocket.

Ø Do you know how to use bitcoins yet? Because you do need to, when the money starts to get big.

Please click on the link above, so you can explore the website. It's quite informative to look at FAQs.

Please remember that you have 24 hours to pay the R300. If you do not, your account will be locked.



After clicking on the above link

you should see the words: Invited by Thando lewu. If the page does not show this, leave the page and enter again via the link again until you see this. There are sometimes glitches and this ensures that you register under the right name etc...


Create your account. on the right, it says SIGN UP. You put in your details and password… Then you log in.


On the left of the dashboard, is MEMBER TOOLS. The first thing you do - put in your own banking details, so that you can be paid. You can't do anything else until you have done this.

a. Click on My Money, Accounts. at the top it says ADD NEW ACCOUNT.

b. Under Payment Method, you write your Bank's name e.g. First National Bank.

c. Under Account, put your own bank account name, e.g. John Smith.

d. In Note, put the following information -

• Acc. No. xxxxxxxxxxxx

• Branch Code xxxxxx

• Please email Proof of Payment to (your own email address)

• Please do an ATM deposit. This you can change to eft and bitcoin, when the amounts become bigger.

• Cell number (Preferably your Whatsapp number)

You can add other accounts too such as Bitcoin, Payza et al. Simply click on My Money,then on Accounts, at the top it says ADD NEW ACCOUNT.

If you have several Bank Accounts, you may put them all in.

This way, if the person who is paying you has an account at the same bank as you, they can pay the amount into that account by eft.

Then it will show in your account immediately, if it is paid during normal working hours.


Go back to My Money. Click on UPGRADE.

The details of someone you have to pay will come up.

You will most likely be asked to pay me, (or someone else, if I already have 5 people under me. The system will sort this out.

This is because of the "Spill-over" from someone else above.

BUT you still will be registered under me, as long as you clicked on my Referral Link to begin with.

Scroll down and you will see banking details.

Pay R300 (once off payment only).


To confirm that you've paid, click on My Money, then click on Upgrade,

Do the following

• Under Payment Method, you write the bank name of the person you paid e.g. First National Bank.

• Under Your account - type in "I have paid FNB" or "I have paid bitcoin wallet."

• Type in the account number.

• Transaction ID Write your username.

• Amount in dollars - type in 20.00. Please include decimal point.

• Currency is US dollar - this is already there

• Upload POP.

• Transaction Details - Write 'Please confirm via email with POP"



When you have paid the person, and they have confirmed:

• Log in, and Click on the dashboard page, on PROMOTION.

• Then you'll find your Referral Link, so you can sign up your own people.

• You can share your link with friends and family, and they can repeat the process!


How to confirm when you have been paid:

• Do NOT confirm until you see the money in your bank account.

• When the person paying you has entered your banking details on the system, when you Log In, a Red Sign will flash, asking you to confirm.

• If you have NOT received the money within the 48 allocated hours, that person's account will be locked.

• Then write to Support, ( with a screenshot of your bank statement, showing that you have not been paid.

• When you DO see the money in your Account, please Confirm immediately.

• Please email/Whatsapp the person to say that you have confirmed.

Good luck and have fun and earn … you need to have 5 great people below you who will follow through and ask them to do the same. There is obviously some work to do but with every Rand / Bitcoin that you will no doubt earn!! This is a life changing opportunity!!!

Kind regards,

Given Thamaga

 Call or watsapp 0632865706

This article was published on 16.07.2016 by Givemore Zuzumuzi Nyathi
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