Mini importation Business Opportunity In Nigeria !!!

This is a group created basically for people who want to learn how to make money online but sitting down in the comfort of their homes. Have you ever wondered how these people that sell goods online make gain from selling their products? 

Have you ever wanted to start your own business but you were making little to no gain?

I am going to tell you something now. This is not really hard. All they do is mini importation and they are all making it big.

Have you ever imagined that the blenders you buy for 12-16,000 was bought for only about 1,500? How much gain did that person make? that is a whooping sum of 14,000 Naira.

Shoes you buy online for about 30k was actually bought by the seller for about 2-3k. That is another 28,000 Naira Gain.

Most people think Jumia sells the cheapest product but all i do is laugh, Jumia is Extorting you all. What Jumia will sell for about 10k was actually bought for about 1,000 or even 500 Naira.

Now the question is how do i do it?

 In this Class, I am going to tell you how to start a mini importation business and how you can be making 30-300k monthly from this (if you are actually serious with it). 

You can always start a business with 5,000 Naira if that is what you have. I am going to teach you how to get the cheapest product online. I mean the Cheapest online. 

You can end up seeing a blender that is being sold for 1,000 then you inport it and sell it for 16,000. That’s how much gain? 15,000 Naira. 

You might be thinking if it is just blenders you can buy and sell but NO. 

You can buy anything at all and resell: Shoes, Nails, Bags, Wigs and Hairs, Kids Item, Student Items, Adult Items, Solar Panels, Electronics, Phones, Spare Parts of anything, Phone accessories. Literally anything. 

if you know what you are doing, you could be making a whole lot of gain.

Now the issue is not in buying but in the selling, this is where digital marketing comes in.

You think you know how to sell things online but you don't actually know. You might end up buying a very good product but can’t sell it because you aren’t meeting the right people.

In this class, i am going to teach you how to sell your product within a week or two. 

You are going to learn how to find your potential customers.  

You are going to learn how to persuade a customer to buy a product without even saying much. 

You are going to learn how to make your products eye catching and make customers go for yours. 

In this class, you are going to learn how to buy the cheapest goods online with a very little amount and make a whole lot of gain selling it.   

You are going to learn how to sell these products while sitting at home and all you need is a data connection. 

You are not learning Just that, You are also going to learn everything about Drop Shipping.

Some people may have never heard of drop shipping but i am going to explain this in a lay man term.

Sell as a student just u sitting in school..sell bags,shoes.stop buying from Jumia be your own boss

Mini Importation !!!

I’m aware some of us buy products from Jumia to resell but all I can really say is you are wasting a whole lot of money.  

Every country now ships from China, US inclusive  

Bag is sold for 1,000 Naira in China but how much is it on jumia? 10,000 Naira.

You want to learn how to import laptops and phones, we got you covered! 

If you ask me, I’ll advice you to Join This Mini Import Class so you can learn how to buy and import these products and sell your products from home. Hassle-free! 

Start making money doing simple shipping 

Click on the link below to Learn More:.... 

Click Here.

This article was published on 17.04.2019 by Shadie Okpako
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