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Been into website design and affiliate marketing as well. Have a marketing website and news portal for entrepreneurs and you can advertise freely also. Let discuss how we can help each other to grow. Want my site to get more traffic so as to be big hub for advertising and popularity. We can help each other by comments, suggestions, posting, and promoting each other products and services. By this method we would be benefiting provided you have useful informations, services and products. Here is one of my article written by me in my website above. Part of it  reads"

"How To Use Creativity To Improve Your Life "Are there still original ideas in the world?". "They beat me to that bright idea; what else can I do?". "I've failed many times before that I can't think of anything else to solve this problem anymore.". These statements reflect the thought of an individual who has given up on creativity. Sadly, a lot of people share this way of thinking. They never viewed creativity as a very useful tool to improve or improvise in life in all its diversity. A situation that requires a solution can be approached in a variety of ways. There isn't a single way fix to a problem. Being creative opens new horizons and can deliver many benefits. Creativity can sometimes be mistakenly interpreted as an obstinate attitude. Some people think that insisting on doing things in a different way is a sign of stubbornness. Never hold back a good idea. Everyone is free to interpret his own unique way. Any interpretation by itself is creativity at work. A person who enjoys creative thinking can easily come up with innovative solutions for situations that require a quick fix. For instance, your car got stalled on a deserted highway due to a leaky rubber hose on the cooling system. Tough luck! Of all places, it had to happen in the remotest places. If you have some chewing gum in your pocket, it just might be a handy fix. Start chewing the gum and patch it on the leak. To keep the gum in place, tie it with a piece of rag. This quick fix might do the trick so you can drive several miles without an overheated engine, until you get to a service station to have the leaky hose replaced. There used to be a television series entitled "MacGyver." The main character is an extremely creative and crafty guy. Whenever he finds himself in a tight fix, he tries to find a way out of it with his quick fixes utilizing available materials around him. In a way, creativity is a never-ending learning process. From learning, you gain untold benefits, which you can use in real life situations. Being creative might require you to think out-of-the-box, venturing your mind into the uncommon. You can never be sure of your ideas until you try them" Am also articles writer. Thanks 

This article was published on 25.05.2016 by Anthony Moses
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