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Think about this, when you climb the hill in other revshares you achieve your max packs at the top. In TPL the fun starts at the top of the hill and it takes you 100 days to come down the other side collecting all bonuses and pass up bonuses on the way down. And then we give you the chance to do it three more times over and over again and everyone helps everyone up that hill. That is TPL The Rev Share Fix. All the power of a revshare ( and then some) with none of the negatives that kill a platform.

This will be a ride of a lifetime. :)

Traffic Power Line Simple Distributor Income Plan Overview.

To become a distributor with resale right in Traffic Power line you must purchase a distributor starter pack for $54. Every $18 spent creates 3 free bonus units in the reward system. 

The $54 starter pack includes 9 free bonus units.

The Distributor reward system is made up of two straight line matrixes, the network line and the Power Line. To be power line and network line qualified you must have at least 2 active referrals.

You get a distributor income center in the network line and power line if qualified.

No referrals = 3 bonus units are placed in to network line income center.

2 or more referrals = 1 unit placed in the network line income center, 2 units placed in the power line income centre.

Power Line Income Centers can hold 400 units MAX

Network Line Income Centers can hold 600 units MAX.

A distributor can have no more than 3 active income centers at any one time.

Each Network Line Bonus Unit will earn $0.066 per day until “Maxed Out” status is reached.

Each Power Line Bonus Unit will earn 0.072 per day until “Maxed Out” status is reached.

When “Maxed Out” status is reached (PL 400 or NL 600) No more bonus units can be added to that income center and a new income center is created at the end of the line in the next available position.

The maxed out income center will now earn for 100 days in maxed out status and then expire.

A maxed out income center qualifies for more income streams for 100 days.

1. Network Line or Power Line Bonus

2. Pass up Bonuses

3. Consistency Bonus

4. Cashback

5. Booster Payment (If qualified)

Potential Bonuses for Maxed out Income centres in the network line = up to $136 per income center per day. Power Line maxed out income centre bonuses depends on your number of active referrals, 8 active distributor referrals will guarantee maximum reward pool benefits for 100 days after max status is achieved and can be achieve up to $360 per day per maxed out income center.

Other Benefits

Kick starter fund to help new members get started.

Pay per view.

Leader Pool Bonuses (If Qualified)

The Traffic Power Line reward system works on a simple mathematical formula that take $0.005 from each bonus units value for 100 days, Simple and sustainable

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