This sells, Is free to sign up & UK only.


I'm Kev from Shropshire UK, I am working with a large UK exporter setting up a new mlm this summer. Its based arounds sales commission but it's also multi level & high commissions. Check out #TheBigOne2016


I have been involved with social media & affiliate sales for years, thus far

  1. I have tried various MLM & affiliate programs
  2. I have my own social media company
  3. I have worked for some very large clients
  4. I have a huge #socialmedia reach 
  5. I make a MONTHLY INCOME from automated sales on social media

Now it wasn't easy, It took years to work. I gave up for a while and just acted as a social media consultant (and earn good money from that still) But I think this is one of the best affiliate programs in the UK today. And it's easy to sell.

In my opinion Its easy to sell because

  1. Its a gambling product
  2. its easy to find your demographic
  3. Its connected to #bookiebashing
  4. I sell it using automated social media platforms
  5. IT SELLS........


What more the product itself is good. I have made over £1500 from the product and over three times that from selling it.

You will find the free affiliate link at the bottom of the page. I think it is a really good product with a massive demographic, Who doesn't want to rip off the bookies!! 

I also suggest you sign up to the product for FREE & make the free £45.00. You can continue to just sell it or continue (like i did) to use the product and make more money...

In conclusion

  1. This sells
  2. Its free to become an affiliate
  3. The product itself works
  4. You can make £45.00 FREE with the product.
  5. Its a great FREE affiliate program

You make money when people subscribe & start a monthly subscription. You get nearly 50% of this.

There is NO downline, only sales commision. you make no money from signing up affiliates

Enjoy.  Click here for video

Thank you for reading... If you want any tips on selling it just connect


BTW, I recommend the affiliate program for mlm gateway. I am having a lot of success with it and have got some big plans. I am looking forward to introducing hundreds of people to #TheBigOne2016 via mlm gateway & am excited at the prospects. I love connecting and sharing tips and info with other affiliates, Like I said please get in touch and say hello.

Thank for reading

Kevin Duffy

@affiliatemagnet on twitter

This article was published on 20.04.2016 by Kevin Duffy
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