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She got 3042 people to say Yes to her products/opportunity by doing this

As crazy as it sounds, these are the types of results that people can and have gotten when they apply something that works for them.

This case is no exception.

So what did this person do to get those kinds of results in her business?

She "Went for Yes."

"Wait, what? What does that even mean?"

Let's take a quick dive.

For the mega short version, it will be listed below. For the mega in depth version, you can click here to check out the videos.

First off, she found the core audience that she wanted to serve. 

This is typically the first place that most networkers miss out on as they tend to cast their net on anyone and everyone.

Secondly, she found and addressed certain pain points that audience was already experiencing. 

Third, she created content that was tailored towards those people and the pain points that they were experiencing.

Fourth, she tapped into those hungry buyers with her possible solution whether it be her products or business opportunity. 

And lastly, she kept track of the new friends and customers she was getting and kept them part of her pipeline to eventually turn some of them into business partners.

This might be crazy to most people, but this is what is possible when you detach yourself from just having a business opportunity and being someone that understand what people are going through and having a solution for that problem.

When it ultimately comes down to network marketing, you are really serving the people in your space. Which is why so many people said yes to what she had to offer.

Thinking less about who can join your team and more about who you can go out and help today will likely yield a much more different result. You'll thank yourself later and certainly will be the ones you decided to help.

Forget going for the pitch. "Go For the Yes!"

So if you're looking to implement the same strategies that this person used to get 3042 people saying "YES" to here products/opportunity...

...check out this free video series detailing the critical strategies she implemented to do this.

This article was published on 31.05.2021 by Kevin Williams
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