You Have A New Member..

This is the kind of email I get on a daily basis

Hi {firstname}

~ "Your traffic line just grew" ~


Every day now I get at least one email with this in the Subject Line

"~ Your traffic line just grew ~"

Sometimes 3 or 4 in a day ! And it’s increasing day by day !

This has never happened to me before - not like this - not


Generally, I really struggle to get people even interested enough

to just LOOK at my online business -

Let alone JOIN IT ! 

Has this also been your experience before now? 

If it has, then you are in for a huge surprise ! Perhaps you've even begun

to experience the difference already as an active member of SoManyHits,com .

If  you have ANY DOUBTS WHATSOEVER of whether you can - and WILL

succeed making an income online I want to provide you with the tools to practically


And all for FREE !


So.... How can I do this?

Well, with exactly the same simple free tools and method that I am using.

You see, I now know, with absolute certainty, that this method SIMPLY WORKS!

These are all you need ! - 

1). LEADS 

The Best FREE Lead Capture System I have ever known: SoManyHits,com    

Now - Getting leads is one thing - Knowing the best way to work those leads is  

quite another!



How would you like FREE TRAINING that in itself will Guarantee your online success?

A training program that will teach you EVERY SINGLE DETAIL YOU NEED TO KNOW


Better yet - How would you like to have a training system - that you can pass on to

others - FOR FREE - which can earn you referral commissions of up to $370 -

per referral - whilst learning - AS A FREE MEMBER ?

(Is that really possible...?)

Yes, it is not only possible but it includes exceptionally good training - and just the tip

of the iceberg of available Affiliate rewards built into this FREE TRAINING PROGRAM

You will be passing this on to your growing SoManyHits 'Traffic Lines' you see in your

SoManyHits back-office - thereby giving them the same GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS

that you are experiencing !


Do you begin to see the potential?


The Training Program is called MyOnlineStartup - and you can get FREE ACCESS




I simply use all the free methods available - to anyone - to get the message out there through

Social Media.

However, to do this in the most effective and successful way I am going to point you back

to MyOnlineStartup to get the best training possible on this subject - 

BUT - I do want to introduce you to a piece of FREE SOFTWARE that is extremely useful

to help with your Social Media Marketing efforts.

It is called: ANYIMAGE.IO . It is completely FREE, unaffiliated Software that ANYONE 

can use.

Using ANYIMAGE.IO enables you to Turn Any Image Into Clickable Social Card!

This is EXTREMELY useful on Social Media platforms when you are adding a referral link

into a message. Sometimes you get an image picked up from your Affiliate Website Page

that doesn't quite fit - look right - or may not even load at all (this happens a lot on Twitter)

Using ANYIMAGE.IO will help overcome many issues associated with this problem.

Watch The AnyImage Explainer Video here:


So... That's it... ! You now have everything you need to get SPECTACULAR success online !

The only question is: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT?


Please let me know if I can be of any help whatsoever - Your Success Is My Success

That is the simple nature of MLM - Network Marketing - Affiliate Marketing


Yours in success


This article was published on 19.07.2019 by Paul Thompson
Author's business opportunity:

SoManyHits - Viral Lead Capture, Free to join

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Thomas March This is a fantastic post, Paul it certainly does clarify our recent conversation. I will be using these tools and sharing them with all my current contacts,it's a GEM :).  1 year ago

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