I signed up to this program just over 24 hours ago , and i have over 112000 referrals , the minute you pre enroll in this program they line up under you !! It is truly Mind Blowing .The opportunity you have here will amaze you , it will astound you it will seriously make you crazy !!  ( my link to take a further look)

People are flocking on it , from all corners of the world , just to get a piece of the action , here is how it works!! well first you need to pre enroll.. then if you want to get upgraded, you're looking at buying one product,the product is 60 dollars, plus they charge shipping at least here to the UK so that's 12 dollars and then a one off 10 dollar admin fee first month only, which equals to about 82 dollars , it may seem a lot but i guarantee you this you will earn it back easily within the first few days and the next month its only $59 , the target we all have to aim for is to bring 12 members in to this business , it may seem a lot but bear in mind it's not . 

Once you hit 3 sign ups , and have 600 bv ( you get 50 bv for each product bought ) your points are included on top of your referrals , you will them move up to the next level ,and then the next level you need a a bit more bvs , but i can show you all that , and the tables once you sign up . As soon as you upgrade you get paid on 3 people, then as you build your team, you go up in ranks. As you go up in the ranks you get paid from more and more people in the powerline( from when you originally started) until you finally reach platinum and get paid on everything. Check out this video, it explains in more detail: , so where you see all these people joining who have placed an order you will get paid more and more off them the higher you go up , currently you will be paid a percent off each one , but when you purchase a product , you get paid a lot more .

Every thursday night is the cut-off. What that means is if you have upgraded before then, the people who have upgraded in the previous week who are under you in the powerline will stay in your powerline forever. If you aren't upgraded then those people who upgraded in the last week will roll above you and you will lose them forever. Having said that, every week you will have a ton more people fill in your powerline for you.

Everyone gets paid on three levels whether they sponsor anyone or not - every single month! This can be $9-27 or more if the people refer customers which don't go in the PowerLine.

As you move up in rank you unlock generational payouts on the PowerLine and your whole team that can potentially pay you on everyone that is underneath you - to infinity.

It doesn't get better than that!!

you will earn some on the powerline even before you build a team yourself, but will earn more and more on it and at platinum you're looking at 5k or so a month all in.. as you go up to the next level it jumps up to the crazy money like 15k a month.. Aron Parker got to crown diamond in 67 days.. at that level it's 20k a month or so he is on now plus from gold up you get extra monthly bonuses.. grows very fast.. as you can see a lot of people coming in all the time, many of htose will upgrade as you will also see. those are the poepl who brought in the pre enrollees or upgrades..

 first stage get to bronze asap.. 3 upgrades you personally enroll,

after bronze it goes purely by bv.. each product is worth 50bv.

Personal referrals.. 3 upgrades that come in through your link get you to bronze.. real easy in a week. 600 bv gets you to silver.. but must be at least 300 in two legs.. ie you cant have 600 in one leg. Gold is 2000 bv, platinum is 10k bv, sounds a lot but it grows so fast you will be there in no time.. gold in a month is very doable. 

you only need 12 front line just buying one product to hit sliver.. but many less when they go deep and network.. i have 300 on one leg alone, and around 10 front line now.. on my way to gold.

So far how many paid members?

those are the ones you get paid on.. bare in mind so many of those upgrade.. that is what you make the monthly on and the higher the rank the more you will get on that.. you will get some before even sigining anyone up as long as you are upgraded.

90 day blitz and you will be platinum.. lving breathing blood sweat and tears, 90 days.. and boom.. at platinum you will automatically get to the next level above diamond just through sheer growth.. and at that level you're looking at 15k or so a month, well between 12 and 17 or so from what I hear.. and you can be there by end of the year if you really go at it for 90 days solid.. well worth it I'd say.. that's exactly waht I'm aiming for too.

I only started last night so picking it up slowly , but once i know more i will let you know to , but your first step is to sign up and purchase a product :)



This article was published on 30.07.2016 by Mike Cavanagh
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John Watson Wow, that's a lot to digest right away. I'm amazed that you were able to build such a downline in less than 24 hours. I'll have to look at this a few more times.  1 year ago
Jessmond Tenio sounds like another name for SBC.   1 year ago

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