Coinspace. Cryptic currency

Coinspace and s-coin is a new cryptic currency which  will launch in January 2017  with trading coin  value of  minimum  price of 1 euro  and. This give all. Investment. A   100% profit margin.  They also offer. 20 %.  Bonus on all people you get to join  on the packages they  buy . There  is also  a binary bonus so that's make return on investment a lot  bigger then just the launch  price. 


*1. Coinspace is an established company backed up by Swiss Bank*

It is legally operated and licensed as a bank with branches in all over the world with MLM system which operates online.

*2. Lucrative marketing plan with the easiest conditions in the market*

Even low capital can reach the highest rank by accumulated group points.

*3. Coinspace have a strategic plan to boost the price of Scoin in the market*

There are already over 40 projects that will drive the rising price of Scoin.

*4. Scoin best strategy is to introduce the merchant system before the coin was launched*

Merchant will automatically use Scoin after launching using the same equipment.

*5. Scoin transaction is the fastest compared to all crypto that exist in the world*

Atm Cards will take 3-5 seconds to change Scoin to the currency of the country, no need confirmation like bitcoin.

*6. Members who introduce the merchants will get lifelong royalty income*

Each transaction generates income to members and also members in their network.

*7. Scoin card transaction system will use our existing ATM*

Users do not need to use the internet and computers, which means everyone can use Scoin. No need exchanger, transfer, etc.

*8. Scoin is the only government-friendly digital currency*

Every Scoin transaction will produce a receipt which will help the government use tax on merchants. Scoin will be the governments' most favored cryptocurrency.

*9. With the latest strategies, we no longer need to teach members and merchants about cryptocurrency*

We only promote the use of existing ATM card system. And automatically Scoin can already be adopted, thus makes our job easy.

*10. In Scoin, coin appears after the merchant*

This means there is no question about where to sell and where you want to use Scoin.

*11. Finally, with this strategy, there will definitely be more merchants for Scoin than bitcoin*

Scoin prices will soar higher and we will become millionaires.

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This article was published on 11.09.2016 by Paul Harrison Rashid
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