When discouragement starts to overwhelm you !

There is a new wave of money making opportunities always appearing on the internet.  One of those is this issue of getting the right kind of traffic to your offers. It seems that every time I open my email account, there are more than 20 or more new ideas for traffic programs to make you piles of money. I learned a long time ago that unless you already have hundreds of dollars sitting around collecting dust, then why do you worry about this traffic question?  That question has a lot of answers, but it all comes down to the same real answer.  You want a steady flow of income. Right?  So....the best way to do that is to choose your program or offer that you know for a fact will interest a large amount of customers.  Now, being what I experienced, it has always been with the first and real reason why I do what I do.  Like most of you, I tried all kinds of "Free Advertising" and found a few that do a decent job of targeting the real people.  That is a chore that is always the hardest to accomplish.  And once I got these special leads, interest and their ability to act or even ask about what it is you are offering, then at that point you can be assured that you have the right people that are serious in their own goals to gain a secure future.  As we all know, the internet is changing fast, and everyday there are new opportunities that are honest and really should be paid attention to.  There are even a few that are free or don't require hundreds of dollars to invest.  Those, believe it or not, will be your base because people seem to want to concentrate on making it work.  The high ticket programs and deals always has scared me away, as I don't for the life of me believe that you will make more with those.  99% of the folks starting out in this business will always turn their backs on those for a lot of reasons. Maybe they don't believe that it is a legitimate program or an honest statement they all seem to say, about only having to sell one program as opposed to various smaller ones.  I have a hard time myself understanding how you can build a steady income using only that idea.  I think when you are promoting an income generating program, the smaller and logical programs make a lot more sense for you to be successful.  In my case, I have the highest goal to only use what will help someone, instead of milking everything out of them to make yourself money and experience success for the wrong reason.  Karma will always have a way to come back and bite you, it happens every time you try to make something that it isn't.  Income generating programs are in fact one of the hardest ideas and programs to promote.  That is proven over and over again.  This site does a wonderful job of seeking out and helping others, more so than any other forum, chat site or social media.  I don't want to get on the issue too much of social media, but I do know that you can't depend on those more than 10% of your source of quality people to try to help.  They are not paying attention on those sites, it is more of a playground of social gatherings.  Oh sure, you put your name out there for the exposure but don't ever depend on it to provide what you are seeking.  It's just not there.

So, after a lot of thought and taking a different approach, I have my own way of gaining the knowledge and trust from others, to make my business a place to always get an honest answer to anything that is presented on the internet.  Sometimes it is painful to realize that what you may think a program can do for you turns out to be a scam, or misrepresentation of what it really does.  I invite anyone to seek out my ideas and ask questions...I will always tell it like it is.  There is no other way to make it work.  I have a list of very good and solid programs that I use, some more than others, and I also have my list of what to avoid and who NOT to trust in anything.  All you have to do is ask.  

Currently, there is one in particular that will give you the financial foundation for first of all to pay your bills, and also a base of funds to invest in what you should be investing in.  Don't fall for anything unless you have those foundations, you will fail every time if you don't be smart for your own situation.  I want you to take a hard look at a program concerning "Crowdfunding", because it is here to stay.  It can't fail if you are honest with the dealing of that program.  It is rather inexpensive to start, way less than 100.00, and to make it even more attractive is you will get that back within the first week of starting, sometimes a lot faster.  It is going to be in your own attitude, that choice that only you can make.  Don't let the discouragement get you down, don't turn your back on the greatest way to help others and gain the peace and security this provides and will give you a life of freedom.  It is also fun to use, you will make friends for life here, take advantage of what it can and will do for you and your family.  Here is the link to look at this opportunity. Please spend 10 minutes before you turn your back, don't be a fool and miss out on what can be and will be your future foundation.  You will be glad you did and even more blessed by what it will do for you.  Get back to me if you have questions or thoughts.  I welcome any comments you can ask.

Here is the link:    https://michael.impact101.io/

To your success and happiness!!


This article was published on 12.02.2019 by Michael McIntee
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