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The concept of having safety and security is just a dream in the world today, which makes it so important to understand how to create an income from anywhere in the world and make money 0nline

Imagine for a moment. You live in a safe and law abiding country like the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland. You have a good job and you are earning a good living. Life is great, you have enough free time to explore your dreams and a good health and welfare system. Unfortunately, even with the low crime rate, the clean environment and the highly educated society, safety cannot be guaranteed.

What I mean is that even though the Nordic countries are safe and secure at the moment anything may happen to change that situation.

Such as:

  • A global pandemic
  • Political instability
  • Or even aggressive neighbors

If a safe and secure region such as the Nordic countries could fall into problems imagine how fragile less secure countries are.

This article is not intended to scare you. However it is suggesting that action should be taken regarding your personal security. Having the ability to up and move to a safer environment and have the ability to still make money is the key. Even in war-torn countries the internet is still a stabilizing factor if it is not physically closed down by their government. However, if you are moving to a safe country you should still have access to the internet and run a business and make money 0nline.


0nline business opportunities

Can I have personal security if I make money 0nline?

0nline earning as a concept in regards to our security doesn't need to be as dramatic as a country going into anarchy. It could be that you live in a small town with only one industry which is going to close down. Yes, I know that may be dramatic enough for many people. That is more reason to consider starting an 0nline business. Our lives are unpredictable with no guarantees and so having something in the back pocket for a rainy day is the only sure way of being able to walk away with something.

What are the benefits of 0nline business opportunities beyond my personal security?

Below I have listed my top five reasons for starting a business 0nline

  • Starting an 0nline business is very affordable: Most of the investment in an 0nline business will be your actions and what you do everyday.
  • You can choose your working hours: Most if not all 0nline business opportunities allow you to work when you want, but of course if you don't do anything you will not earn anything
  • Live anywhere you want: This is for me the key reason to make money 0nline. If the place you are living is not working for you or you do not believe it is safe enough, having a choice is so empowering. If you have the money there are opportunities that those who do not have money do not have. This is a sad reality, so the only solution is to have the resources and make money 0nline.
  • Limitless 0nline earning potential: The internet is where everyone goes to buy almost anything and all you need to earn is a fraction of that global growth. Working 0nline is the way to do it.
  • An 0nline business works 24 / 7 even if you are not working: This bit I love. Once you have created your content and shared it with the world it is working for you 24 hours a day, everyday. How great is that?
  • FREE 0nline training: Not all 0nline business opportunities offer FREE training but fortunately we do. 

Are you going to learn how to make money 0nline or wait until it is too late?

I am going to end this article with two quotes. 

When it all comes down to it, nothing trumps execution
Gary Vaynerchuk

This is such a simple statement but he is referring to the reasoning why people find it so difficult to step into the abyss and take action. Dreaming of running a business is just a dream. Having lengthy discussions about how great it would be to start a business is just hot air. Only when you have taken action and started your business is when you are truly empowered and on your journey of a lifetime.

The social media and the internet are simply a virtual extension of the physical world
Steven Jackson

I have been working 0nline for many years and after many discussions with friends and people wanting to learn more about 0nline marketing I realized how little people thought they knew. The main issue was the fear of the internet rather than the acceptance that it is a virtual extension of the physical world. If you are someone wanting to make money you will need to be 0nline. So, not wanting anyone to find you or know who you are is illogical as not anyone knows who the local shopkeeper in a village is. His brand is the fact that he is the local shopkeeper and will give you great service every time you come to his shop. The internet and 0nline marketing is the same, so being found is the point.

Extra reading

For those who would like to know what is involved in 0nline marketing I have released an eBook called "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" by Steve Jackson. It is priced at $9.99 and can be priced at Payhip.

Final words about 0nline earning

If after reading this article you can see yourself starting an 0nline business, click on the "Take action" link below and add your details on the form. Also, remember anyone who has ever imagined they could make money 0nline had to start somewhere. The learning curve is empowering because you will feel yourself changing from a leaf blowing in the wind to an oak tree in control of its future. So, don't wait for the world to fall apart around taking action today.


This article was published on 10.12.2021 by Steven Jackson
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