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It helps to know which version of an information product was created BEFORE the salespage is uploaded and/or the promotional exposure processing has occured prior to any safety valve 'Idiot Check' administrative oversight. Murphys' Law seemed all but ready to devour the proceedings once the nature of the potential negative dismount elemental particle had been isolated then eliminated by the location of the Beta (sale-ready) version of the eBook. High Author drama for a product just barely off to market. This just served as a schiz-out moment for my bipolarity to go full-on auto-mode.

Even under the same moniker, it seems that the alpha version (lower image) is SEVENTY PERCENT DIFFERENT in terms of base thematic orientation. YES...they are both targeted to the writer/content professional, but the beta product version has more superflous material that didn't fit the summarization of it as a methodology detailing how to easily and speedily master the skillset needed to begin income creation in the ballpark of a few hundred to a few thousand on a WEEKLY basis (whether selling your own, personally-generated or affiliateship products and services) while simultaneously laser-targeting email list members to build a profitable subscriber base.

I felt there wasn't a tutorial that was tailored to the struggling entrepreneur trying to determine where the best buyer traffic pools were to exploit on a consistently profitable basis. It's also related to the single biggest problem associated with information product tutorials in so much as practitioners are always shown WHAT to do and not HOW to do it. With an introductory overview discussing the current state of content creation and monetization, the tutorial presents a minimalist blueprint for automated article generation, content maniplation, and marketing locales for submission. With specific strategic tips and other actionable advice, the tutorial keeps it short and sweet and enables the reader to begin implementation just as soon as the purchase is made.

Having a personally-merged working copy of both the Alpha and Beta of the tutorial will prove a boon for the profit project as there were actually some tools used that would give away too much of a market share to those who could quickly figure out how to twist them to dark ends. The kinds of tools the General Populace knows nothing about and should never. It's enough that I even let go of an exclusive marketing webring allowing advertising for a period of 365 days from that of posting(!). Paring down and changing the tutorial so that it was a succinct, yet cohesive product while retaining its' useful to the end-reader was an exercise in dynamized economy. In delineating the divergent versions, it helps to corral in two other differing strains under the same banner. As an image adboard, as well as a content series sold in the classified ad and microjob niches, the brand is going to have to undergo radical constrainment in order to strengthen its' value.

The declaration in the product byline (SECRET Content Marketing Earning Strategies) allows me to have the confidence to know that there ARE indeed unknown elements that will help speed the reader (in tandem with their personalized ability level) to that archetype of 'Success' harped upon by every Tom, Dick, Harry, and their Great-Granny Flo-Jo. Besides an information product worth (double) its' asking price, Naked Cash Grab is also a daily operational blueprint designed for repeated (outside-the-box-thinking) usage. I'm on it like Sy Sperling in that I not only created it, but use it as my own personal roadmap.


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This article was published on 19.01.2023 by Lee Davis
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