Top 5 Lies That Upline MayTell You

Okay, we all have upline.

We all want to put our trust in our upline, too.

But, even though most upline do indeed want to guide you the right way, and help you succeed, they instead lie to you not even knowing it. 

So, let's look at the the top 5 lies that upline may tell you.

Lie #1: Everyone Is A Prospect

Yea, your product is great. I get that everyone "should" be using your product. But the simple truth is not everyone is a prospect or wants your product. You have to seriously break down your target market to find who is actually "buying" your product.

A good example is with weight loss products. You think everyone over weight will buy them, but you find the opposite. Those who are not in need of the product buy instead. This is why they are not over weight, they want to stay in shape. Over weight people are mostly not interested in weight loss until it reaches a dangerous level. Once again, upline doesn't always notice this.

Lie #2: Tell Everyone Within 3 ft. Of You

Doing this may result in a lot of frustration, which leads to quitting. Just trying to sell everyone on your products and opportunity will drive many people away.

The right way to do this is to "attract" people to you. Most people will vomit out of the mouth when they are telling people about their business. They go on and on, and the prospect usually has their mind made up right from the start. If they are not interested, nothing can be said to change their mind.

Don't attack people all day long about your business. Learn to use attraction marketing strategies and get people asking you instead. Another mistake many upline make and do not even realize they are.

Lie #3: You're Going To Be So Good At This

Or the other way to say it sometimes "You're going to make so much money with this"

How can a person really know what another will do? There is no way to know who is making the big bucks until they are actually working.

It's much better to be straight forward, and let the person know that typical people don't make millions of dollars at this. The ones who do however, have a work ethic beyond the average person. The more real you are with a prospect, the more likely the prospect will stay with you in those first few hard months. If they expect easy sells, they are most likely to drop out in their first month.

Lie #4: Just Give Samples, Everyone Will Beg For More

Here is one that I use to hear all the time when I first began in MLM. My upline would tell everyone to give out samples like crazy, and people would hunt you down for more because it's so good.

The idea behind this is to get the team to purchase more volume to increase his check. Many people would buy an extra 2 or 3 cases of product just to give away, and never get a call back. So this made many quit when it looked like no one was wanting to pay the high cost for product.

Sampling can work if done correctly. Just having people throw product out with a contact number on it most likely will cost way more than you see back. Don't be fooled on this one if your upline pushes you to make huge orders one month using the sample excuse.

Lie #5: I'll Teach You To Be Successful

You may hear this from upline who just joined last week. So really, many do not know how to succeed themselves, yet alone teach someone else.

Truth is, your upline usually looks at building their own business, not actually taking time to work with you directly. But, this is what top earners do. Instead of spending time with downline, and wasting their own time for building, they refer them to a video to answer the most common questions.

A good upline will tell you where to go to learn more than actually try to coach you over the phone themselves. You want to limit the time spent on talking to members of your team, and more time finding new ones. But always have videos, or scheduled times in the week to meet up with downline for training purposes. 

Know Another Upline Lie?

Hey feel free to leave some of the lines you know to be common, but not always true. Leave it in a comment below.

I believe in MLM and uplines. So don't take this business announcement in the wrong way. I just know now that many uplines tell their downline the wrong ways to build, without knowing it themselves.

Most upline do care for their downline, and they get better with time. Even I have told the upline lie thinking it was the best way to teach. Let this be more of a warning to some, there are better ways than the traditional teaching of MLM.

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This article was published on 24.09.2016 by Jaye Carden
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