So How, Exactly, Do You Make Money From Sharing A Free App...?

In my previous MLM Gateway business announcement, I introduced you to United Games. In September, they'll be launching a global, interactive, sports app that you can play in real-time with friends or alone, and along with your favourite team as they play.

But if the app's free, how, exactly, do you make money from it?

The key word is: Freemiums.

The app is free to download and games can even be paid for free simply by watching sponsored ads to receive tokens in return. Whenever a player you share the app with (or a player who they share the app with) gets a token, you get a percentage of the value of that token. You also get paid again when they use that token play to play a game. 

We all have at least 10 people we could text, email or share a post with on one social network or another.

So let's say you invite 10 players.

Those 10 players each have access to at least 10 more players, bringing your potential reach to 100 more players. Those 100 players will also each have access to 10 players each, bring your reach to a further 1000 players, who also each have access to at least 10 players... So, we'd be looking at a potential of 10,000, just from sharing the app with 10 people. 

Now, if each of those 10,000 players earn purchase 5 tokens a week (tokens are the game's currency) that would be a total of 20 tokens and month per player. If a token in worth $1, 10,000 x 20 would be $200,000 total token value a month. 

As all of these players would be linked to you for eternity (or thereabouts), you'd get 10% of $200,000, or $20,000 a month paid to you as an Affiliate.

This is just from players, not other affiliates you recruit. 

Of course, not all players will play for free, but look at these stats from Candy Crush. 

Candy Crush stats

Watch this video in which Natalyn Lewis, VP Sales & Marketing at United Games, gives an overview of the sector, what to expect as an affiliate of United Games, and how a free app generates revenue using freemiums and in-app purchases. 

United Games has developed a better way for sports fans of all ages to play, and its Affiliates are ready to share this amazing product with the world! 

Whether you'd like to become a player or an affiliate, register today to get access to an app which is likely to go viral even before its launch. 

You need to be invited to become an affiliate so, to find out more, and to get an access code/invite, please contact me or the person who sent you here.

This is a great opportunity not to be missed, so find out more and register today! 

This article was published on 02.07.2016 by Wendy Obuli
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