This business converts better than any other company I've ever known!

I have found a new opportunity that is so exciting I just have to share it with you! Have you heard of Candy Crush? Maybe Pokemon Go? Do you or anyone you know ever play these games?

The truth is mobile gaming is a multi billion dollar industry. You cannot deny that this industry is growing more and more each day! Most people that play these games play them daily. I have found a way to tap into this industry and get paid from it DAILY. It does not matter if you play the games or not. There is a new business opportunity that has emerged and is taking over like none I have ever seen!

The comp plan is absolutely amazing and will blow your mind!

They offer bonuses every time you rank advance AND you get DAILY pay once you get 3 people under you!

In order to maximize the comp plan, you just need to refer 3 people.

Here’s how it works:

When you refer just 3 people you get a one time bonus of $250 AND start making $5 EVERY DAY

When you help each of them get 3 you get a one time bonus of $500 AND start making $20 EVERY DAY When you help each of them get 3 you get a one time bonus of $1250 AND start making $30 EVERY DAY

When you help each of them get 3 you get a one time bonus of $2500 AND start making $50 EVERY DAY

The cost is $125 per month. Now take a minute and remember what you read above! With only 3 people under you, you will make a $250 Bonus AND start earning $5 per day.

When you sponsor your 3 people you will DOUBLE your initial investment AND make enough with your daily pay to cover your monthly fee AND you will be in PROFIT EVERY MONTH. As your team grows so do your bonuses AND your daily pay. You truly only need 3 people! WAIT it gets even better!

I said you only need to recruit 3 people, but What if you could recruit more than 3. For every person you recruit after your first 3 you will make even more! Are you ready for this?

When they receive their $250 bonus for recruiting their 3 people……You receive a $500 bonus,

When their team grows and they receive their $500 bonus…..You receive $1,000 this continues through their first 4 bonuses

OK so what if I am not a recruiter and I just want to sponsor my 3 and be done?

You still maximize the comp plan.

You still benefit from the company offering the builder bonuses tho!

You see in a lot of companies the big recruiters will do just that……recruit a lot of people.

That tends to hurt their team tho because they get so busy recruiting (since that is where they make their money) that they never take time to work with the people they already signed up.

Well not in this company, that is why the builder bonuses are in place! Your sponsor is actually incentivized to continue working with you and helping you grow your team!

The structure is a 3 wide matrix. The sooner you get in the higher up in the matrix you will be placed in my matrix. I have just started this company but am under some HUGE recruiters.

How does this help you?

 Well we all can only build 3 legs so when anyone above you refers more than 3 people they have to start spilling down to the empty spots below you. We all work together to help fill your matrix. Don’t forget everyone is more incentivized to bring in more than 3 AND to work with you to fill your team and hit your bonuses. Our team has just moved into this company and is on fire. We are going to be hitting some big ranks in this company! Get in now and get positioned at the top of my matrix and let me work with you to help you get your bonuses and fill that matrix.

This article was published on 06.08.2016 by Marie-therese Lesieur
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