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Would you like to learn a step ­by ­step process for identifying what exactly it is you need to do next to create the results you desire? 

Have you ever spend all your time doing a million different things.

 Jumping from thing to thing, 

a deal to deal, 

project to project. 

You focus on each thing for a little bit,

 get all excited for a few days, and

after a few weeks slow down. 

You stop working so hard and give up. 

Maybe you blame someone or the company or the product for not getting the results  you seek.

 I know how you feel. 

I was listening to an audio today and in this audio, 

I found out that way of thinking is far from the truth. 

Sometimes people have "shiny object syndrome" , and feel the urge to join a bunch of different



 maybe they encountered another kind of focus challenge, an internal

purpose conflict within your own mind.

People can't focus on helping others when they are broke.

If you're one of these people that are always searching for purpose then guess what 

your feels for a purpose will remain regardless if you're rich or broke 

so being poor because you keep jumping from thing

to thing, 

trying to find ‘the right thing’ is utterly pointless. 

You have to decide to wholly immerse yourself into something .

 I can help.  

You see if you're struggling right now to get results then the first thing you must decide is to immerse yourself into a vision that you believe in. 

Find someone that has a vision you believe in  and the vision  is big enough that by striving to accomplish it,

 you would 

ultimately accomplish the vision you have for yourself. 

When you decide to align yourself with someone else’s vision, you can easily create the results you want.

Decide now to immerse yourself in one thing, with one plan –

 and delete everything else around

you until you’ve created the results you want.

 Plant your feet in and get to work.

You can decide to promote or build any business you choose. After all, it’s really simple. 

Get a product to sell that a lot of people who want to buy. 

Get a marketing funnel (or use one that’s built for

you) and focus on a single marketing strategy that’s proven to work.

Like I said, it's hard to think about contributing when you're broke.

People Usually focus on the wrong things. They're confused, stuck, worry and full of self-doubt.

 Does this describe you? 

The solution is to have clarity. 

In the Audio, I listen to...

I learn 

By using simplicity and getting clear I can identify steps that will actually make me money

If you would like a free PDF that outlines those 7 steps I use to get clear.  Click here: 7 Steps to Absolute Clarity

This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Francis Carter
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