An Invitation To An Awesome Income

Most anything that is new that will change the way we do things, is at the beginning, cast in a negative light by those that do not want to change.

We know today that hundreds if not thousands of new inventions are developed every year. And we know that the only constant in life is change. Well the world is about to change once again. But this time, you are invited to become a Founder in the company that is driving the change. This company is named OnPassive.

The cost to become a Founder is $97.00 (US dollars). This is a one-time fee. Founder positions will end when the company goes public, i.e...the company Launch. You can still join OnPassive after the Launch but the cost will be higher. Once the Launch has happened, you will pay one more time between $100.00 - $250.00 (depending on the product you buy). That is it! You will never have to come out of your pocket again to support your OnPassive business.

Click on the link below to learn about how you can earn money in OnPassive.

OnPassive's compensation plan is designed to cover your monthly subscription. You will get paid and the company will get paid from the profits it receives from business's around the world that purchase the products OnPassive has developed and continues to develop. 

Since 2018, OnPassive has been developing products that the top billion dollar niches use. This has been a massive development project using Artificial Intelligence Informational Technology (AIIT). Automating a project as huge as OnPassive has undertaken takes time. The products that OnPassive will deliver to the world will be state-of-the-art, top shelf, professionally constructed and magnificently managed. Moreover, the products OnPassive delivers to the masses will change the world forever.

As a Founder when OnPassive launch's, your OnPassive business is 100% automated. The OnPassive system will build a team of affiliates under you. In addition, you get endless traffic sent to your OnPassive website. The system will recruit for you, market for you, convert for you and sell for you. As a Founder, you will put yourself in a position to earn an income if you are an experienced marketer or even if you are a newbie that does nothing.

I invite you to become an OnPassive Founder today! Take advantage of this opportunity before the Launch. The Launch date has not yet been established. However, the leaders of the company have indicated that the Launch is not far away. Founder positions will not be available after the Launch. Get started on your OnPassive business today! Click on the link below to become a Founder!

Blane Robinson

This article was published on 05.05.2021 by Blane Robinson
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