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 I was first introduced to Network Marketing in 1984 in the U/K by my

next door neighbour. She worked on me every time she seen me

for about a month until at last I agreed to go to one of the company

meetings. It was all very interesting and it all made very good sense.

I joined up for a sign up fee of just under $200. The product was water

filters for an American company.

 As an ex salesman, I sold encyclopedias door to door for over 10 years,

I naturally thought the only way to make money was to actually find

customers and to sell the product to them.

My sponsor told me time and time again to forget about selling the

product, work smart and to work the business by building up my own

network. So how was this supposed to happen ? I was meant to make a

list of all my friends, old school friends, relatives, in fact everybody that

I knew past or present and to pass this information on to my sponsor

who would then get in touch with them by phone on my behalf to try to

get them to go to one our their meetings. I felt very uncomfortable about

this so I never went down this route. I did get a few friends to join which

in fact got my sign up money back.

 The problem that I have always had with starting a new project was

having the need of a wage coming in. In those early days of me looking

at Network Marketing there was no mobile phones (cell phones) and we

never had the internet, oh how things have changed.

 These days we can look at the Big Picture, we can look at the whole

world. We can build our business in most countries of the world, we

can advertise in any country free of charge or paying for it. We can build

our own Future, without even talking to anybody face to face if that is

what we want.

 I have been working this business now for 14 weeks, about 4 hours per

week, so it has not interfered with my day to day week to week wage.

  How is it working out ??

 14 weeks and I have 19 distributors joined, 7 from the USA, 4 from the U/k

3 from Slavakia, 1 from France, 1 from Denmark, 1 from Korea,

1 from Hong Kong, and 1 from the Netherlands.

 All from from advertising and by not speaking to anybody in person.

I'm building a broad base, I'm building for my own Future, build build build, 

This article was published on 04.12.2015 by Martin Millidge
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Dr Sudhanshu Pati Your story is very inspiring....I am very happy to read someone's personal experience...Keep posting..  8 years ago

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