This just in! People are looking for services and MWR Life has them all!

In this MWR Life Business Overview I will present and explain the business strategy of MWR Life. And will explain why MWR Life is a long-term financial opportunity that provides immediate and residual income. First, let’s consider the business model and why it makes so much sense.

MWR Life Business Overview 2016 


MWR Life Disruption

  Life Disrupted

Forbes in 2013 defined DISRUPTION as “An innovation that takes a left turn by literally uprooting and changing how we think, behave, do business, learn and go about our day to day“.


US Economy Service Sector

The US Economy is almost 80% based in the services


Services Sector Examples

Some examples are Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Uber, Amazon and the list goes on and on. These companies started from nothing but grew to change the way we did many things, including our day to day lives. MWR Life plans to do the same thing.

MWR Life and their services were created to offer valuable services at a value price. It is this model which is the difference that people like and appreciate. The services offered will change the way we go about our day to day and do business. It is this difference that IS DISRUPT ING the marketplace.

The services are Electronics Protection, Vehicle Assist Plus, Life Essentials and e LifeStyle Advantage. There are more to come!


Electronics Protection……This saves the consumer money because you do NOT have to buy extended warranties on your electronics at check out ANYMORE! This protects ALL your electronics that you have bought in the last 4 years and any FUTURE buys! All you do is take the serial number and register it at the website. It is guaranteed to REPAIR, REPLACE or REFUND your electronics.


Life Essentials ……This service is a bundle that provides you with 8 different services for the price of ONE! Those services are Telemedicine, 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance, 24/7 Home Tech Support, Identity Theft Protection, Legal Access Plus, Financial Coaching, Tax Hotline and Worldwide Air Medical Evacuation. A HUGE VALUE!

life advantage

Life Advantage

LifeStyle Advantage…….This is a service where you can buy more and pay less on travel, shopping and dining, and groceries. It provides you with $500 toward travel, $250 towards shopping,dining and entertainment. ANY portion that is unused that month ROLLS OVER and accumulates! It also provides you with $100 towards groceries. 

Life Essentials

Life Essentials

Each of these services are wanted and needed in the modern life! Because they are Valuable SERVICES that ANYONE can use at a VALUE price, the retention rate is well over 90%. This creates our residual income.

These services are DISRUPTERS and will create LEGACIES for those who join and promote them. This is an income opportunity of timing and positioning! It follows the S Curve in business theory. Very much like a tidal wave!

  s curve

S Curve Growth v Time


You want to be near the beginning of that Growth v Time graph to gain the BEST return on your investment

Here is the compensation plan where you can see what I am talking about! It’s LUCRATIVE!

realize your full potential

MWR Life Realizing Your Potential


If you are seriously looking for a change in life, to add more money to your month or to create a legacy that you can enjoy and pass on, then you NEED to take a serious look at MWR Life!

IF you want more information look around the site. Then if you have questions fill in the box to the right and have me answer them. Or go to the link: . and hit the call icon top right! The TIME is NOW!

This article was published on 25.07.2016 by Rozalynn Marie Bradford
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