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Lifestyles.net is a Canadian based company that began in 1986. However, I did not hear of it until 2004. It was an interesting day. I had been down with another horrendous migraine headache for a few days and I remember it was a rainy Saturday when I was sleeping off some strong medication taken for the headache. Before I get into what happened next, let me preface it with the fact that I was already involved with an MLM company and earlier that week I had called my local newspaper to place a classified ad on the weekend (that was the olden days!!) in hopes of recruiting some new distributors. 

Let's go back to the rainy Saturday afternoon in 2004. I was in a deep sleep and my phone rang. I sleepily picked it up to hear a voice asking me about a business opportunity. I struggled to get orientation through the fog and forced myself to zone in on the question being asked. I vividly recall the gentleman asking "how does your products benefit people's health";  I produced what I considered to be a satisfactory reply. We chatted a bit and I miserably failed to spark any enthusiasm on the callers part. Then, it was time for the caller to confess that he had really called me to tell me about HIS product. I was moderately annoyed but remained courteous.  I listened as he went on about his customers having tremendous results with arthritis relief (didn't get my interest), how people with digestive tract issues felt so much better (ah, I was on medication for that so I'm fine) and then he hit the jackpot! He said, so  many,  many folks are experiencing migraine headaches being completely cured. BINGO. Now, he had my attention. My response was, how much and send me a case! I was amazed to realize that after drinking this delicious tasting juice for only about 10 days, for the first time in years and years, I was headache free. That was in the Spring of 2004 and I can truthfully say, I have forgotten what a migraine feels like. Needless to say, the benefits go far beyond the elimination of migraines! I have far more energy than any one person should ever have and let's not overlook the fantastic business opportunity that accompanies this product!

What's your biggest concern? Is it weight issues? We can help!

                                                      Is it finances? We can help!

                                                      Is it improved health? We can help!

Go ahead and check us out!    https://www.myintrasite.com/elsie

This article was published on 08.04.2021 by Elsie Sparkes
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Lifestyles - Health, 40 USD to join

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