SMG Loyalty Point

The most significant difference between igniter100 and igniter200 is that igniter100 involves the acquisition of equity shares while igniter200 involves the acquisition of Loyalty points. The igniter100 program had options of either opening or locking up the purchased package. Open package implied that an investor will receive 1% or 2% promotional i100 on his/her package for 200 days or 100 days respectively. Locked package implied that an investor would receive 200% promotional i100 on his/her package but will not be able to trade these shares until after 12 months.

Loyalty Points

On purchasing a package, investors are instantly credited with Loyalty Points. The amount of loyalty points credited to an investor is proportional to the package he/she has bought. The current price of the i200 loyalty point is 100th of 1 USD i.e. 1 cent. Investors that already key into this business opportunity have enjoyed 175% on the various packages they bought.

Here is what both old and new investors have enjoyed since the inception of igniter200.

$25 package: 25/0.01 = 2500, 2500 × 175% = 4375 loyalty points

$50 package: 50/0.01 = 5000, 5000 × 175% = 8750 loyalty points

$100 package: 100/0.01 = 10000, 10000 × 175% = 17500 loyalty points

$250 package: 250/0.01 = 25000, 25000 × 175% = 43750 loyalty points

$500 package: 500/0.01 = 50000, 50000 × 175% = 87500 loyalty points

$1000 package: 1000/0.01 = 100000, 100000 × 175% = 175000 loyalty points

$2500 package: 2500/0.01 = 250000, 250000 × 175% = 437,500 loyalty points

$5000 package: 5000/0.01 = 500000, 500000 × 175% = 875,000 loyalty points

Why are loyalty points important?

 The Loyalty Points that are acquired from i200 packages will be converted into SMG Loyalty Tokens. The value of an investor's SMG token will be proportional to the total loyalty points he/she has acquired. The SMG loyalty token like other crypto tokens will grow in valuation as the scale of community involvement increases. The SMG community is fast-growing and is spread across over 120 countries globally.

Pause for a minute…

Visualize an investor that has amassed a total of 1,000,000 loyalty tokens, and within 2 years, the price of the loyalty token goes up to $2. This investor will become $2,000,000 richer. If such an investment was made before or on the day this post was created, he/she would have spent under $5,715 on this investment.

Please know that the offer of getting 175% on every package purchased is for a limited time and prospective investors are advised to joining ASAP.

Here is a signup link:

Academia Pursuit

The great thing about this business is that it is not only about making money but also about learning. With over 300+ online courses in more than 30 languages, the business is not only profit-driven but also aims to educate investors on the 4th Industrial revolution through related subjects. Besides getting loyalty points, investors also SMG credits which can be used to buy a course from Igniter Academy. Each package has an assigned SMG credit attached to it.

  1. $25 package 5 SMG credits
  2. $50 package 10 SMG credits
  3. $100 package 20 SMG credits
  4. $250 package 50 SMG credits
  5. $500 package 100 SMG credits
  6. $1000 package 200 SMG credits
  7. $2500 package 500 SMG credits
  8. $5000 package 1000 SMG credits

Ranking Bonus

Investors in the business who groom and grow their networks are awarded by the company and receive rewards of Amazon tablets, Apple Smart Watch, MAC Air Laptop, Rolex watch, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Bentley Continental, Rose Royce as they climb the leadership ladder. Investors also qualify for Cruise trips as their network grows.

What a wonderful way to generate passive income. Join the Solmax community today and be a part of this lucrative business.

Sign up here:

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This article was published on 10.04.2021 by David Ogbaji Ujah
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