OneCoin the Future of payments

What is OneCoin ?

OneCoin is a new cryptocurrency born out of the success of Bitcoin. It is also a revolution in the world of finance & money.   

But what is a cryptocurrency ?

 You may have heard of Bitcoin , the cryptocurrency that has revolutionized the world of money. To be brief , it’s actually a virtual coin that has been created by people like me & you through the process of virtual mining ( by solving arithmetic problems) and not like standard currencies that are issue by central Banks implying that there is a limited amount of it. This cryptocurrency was worth 0,10 cents when it started and the more people got interested in this virtual currency the higher it gained in value and it has reached 1100 $ at some point. Many people who invested in the beginning and forgot all about it found out that they became millionaires because their initial investment has increased by more than 10 000 times.   

Why is OneCoin a great Opportunity? 

 Personally I believe that cryptocurrency has a bright future simply because many rich people like Bill gates of Microsoft , Marc Zuckerberg of Facebook , Richard Branson of Virgin have invested in other cryptocurrencies and they know why ... Because most probably it’s going to be the future of payments. OneCoin has a goal, which is to be the first cryptocurrency in the world and in order to achieve it, the company opted for MLM model in order to attract investors from all over the world. If you invest in OneCoin you will have the choice to either only benefit from the Coin appreciation or both from the appreciation & generate income through building a team. 

 For exemple if you invest 580 euros you can : 

  1.  Invest in the cryptocurrency appreciation ( the coin is now worth 5,63 € and can reach 50 € next year) turning your initial 580 euros into 4400 euros   
  2. Wait for the appreciation as explained above + recruit people in order to earn more money. That is to say besides the 4400 euros that you will earn because of the coin appreciation , you will also earn money because you have recruited people. 
By recruiting people though MLM the company wants to get more and more investors mining the currency in order to create the money supply ( OneCoin wants to create 2 billion coins). So the more people will be recruited the higher will be the value of the coin. 

 Note that the company is also young so this means that you will profite a lot from this opportunity. You should know that from 01.01.2015 ( when it started) until 25.10.2015 the value of 1 OneCoin increased from 0.10 euro to 2.5 euro that is more than 2400 % and the currency is still growing stronger ( at this point may 2016 it's about 5.6 euro). 

Evolution OneCoin

Also , note that OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency company that proposes a hybride cryptocurrency backed by real gold. 

Here is the link explaining this great opportunity : 

OneCoin & the future of payments

So if you have missed the Bitcoin Opportunity do not miss the OneCoin opportunity !! 

Click Here if you want to benefit from this one life opportunity.

See you soon !  

This article was published on 27.05.2016 by Mjido El Idrissi
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