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Name: Sunny Adedoyin Aderinola

Address: 11, Unity Close By Bay Bridge Road,


The purpose for requesting this investment is to create awareness of this product by letting people know that there is a new scientific innovation in the pet industry to protect pets around the global, this is a new product that just come up to protect pets dogs, cats and horse from Fleas, Ticks, Lice and mosquito fighter without any use of chemical on the pet health.

 I’m already a register distributor with the company but looking forward to promote this business by bring it so that pets owner can easily access it here anywhere in the world with a good affordable rates and they will secure the health of their pets ones for the next 4 years without any use of any chemical product been use on the pets.

Like I said early, am already a register distributor of this product invest and bring the product in large quantity to speared around the global by meeting up customer demand.

Company Profile

Where we started and where we are now

The Goldstar i.s.l.p. Company was founded in 2011. It is the only official owner to the manufacturing and distribution rights of the original anti-parasite disc – Pet Protector, the development and testings of which started back in the 1990s by the Company’s founder, Mr. Steven Williams JR.

In February 2012, Goldstar implemented a system to distribute Pet Protector directly and internationally through “word of mouth” – the Pet Protector Disc cannot be found in retail stores, but only or exclusively through Pet Protector Independent Distributors. The reason the Company has chosen this business format is very simple – this is the fastest way of spreading the word about this life-saving product and enabling every single individual on the planet to have it delivered to their doorstep and placed on their pet’s collar within 3 days. Because of this, Goldstar was able to help over 100,000 pets in the first six months alone. Since then, the Company has experienced huge exponential growth in the distribution of the product every single year. Today, the number of satisfied Pet Protector Users has reached an astounding

 25 million.

2012 - $320 Million USD

2013 - $410 Million USD

2014 - $530 Million USD


Vision and mission

Every pet on the planet Protected by the Pet Protector Disc, Bringing radical changes to the pets world and give his owner peace of mind.

My role in this business is to be a major distributor of the product here in Nigeria so that people can be fully aware of the new

Products and services

This Product is called PET PROTECTOR DISE a repellant for all pets owner to create an impenetrable protective shield on pets around the global.

Service is a chemical free Ticks, Fleas and Mosquito Fighter, Repels external parasites, Raise energy level, Improves blood circulation, Boots the Immune system, 4yeas of protection, 100% safe for your pets, 96:97% Effective and 100% Guaranteed.

This article was published on 23.08.2016 by Sunny Adedoyin A
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