An opportunity dances with the people on the dance floor

Helping hands internationational is an Ngo whose passion is to touch & Empower the less previlege in society. 


You become a member by donating $40 that to be used for the needy.

 H2i pays u a bonus of $8 For example... if u bring 100 partners to donate today... you will be paid $8 x 100 instantly

And you will be moved from level to level and stage to stage. There are 5 stages in H2i

Stage 1 requires you bring in a minimum of 2 persons as partners

Or you can make it 6 people.

If u bring in all 6.. you will earn a referal bonus of $8 x 6 = $48 plus a $10 extra for completing stage 1.

And you will be moved over to stage 2 

Stage 2 has 5 levels: When all the 6 pple u brought earlier join you in stage 2... u will recieve a bonus of $100 instantly. 

When the next set of 6s joins u again... you will recieve a bonus of $200. 

This is the breakdown :

Stage 2 level 1 - Nil

Stage 2 level 2 - $100

Stage 2 level 3 - $200

Stage 2 level 4 - $300

Stage 2 level 5 - $400

Plus a laptop, or ipad.

So from stage 2 onward... IT IS STRICTLY TEAM WORK Now... Partners keep asking " how many pple I need to complete stage 2?"

Every partner needs a total of 62 ALL STAGE 2 people to complete the stage!

This simply means that : if u brought in A, B, C, D, E & F.... that is your 6 pple

A is to bring 6 partners

B is to bring 6 partners

C is to bring 6 partners

D is to bring 6 partners

E is to bring 6 partners

F is to bring 6 partners

Stage 3

Level 1-$200

Level 2-$300

Level 3-$500+Dubai trip,all expense paid.

Level 4-$500

Level 5-$1500

Total matrix bonus $3000 + a brand new car(Hyundai)

5% matching bonus to uplink $150

Stage 4

Level 1-$300

Level 2-$300

Level 3-$500

Level 4-$900

Level 5-$4000

Total=$6,000+Executive Hyundai Jeep

Empowerment for 1 motherless home

Interest free loan $12000 ,on request

5%matching bonus to uplink $300

Stage 5

Level 1-$2000

Level 2-$10000


+ Housing fund $40,000

All expense paid int'l trip

Education fund $2000

Yearly infinity bonus $5000

Elite club loan $44000

5% matching bonus to uplink $600

Board of trustee(Director)

Trustee bonus $800000

Global profit pool yearly $10000

Residual income for life$10000

Become a director in next line in country to be launched with 1%commission paid in all sign ups from such country

2 orphans from any orphanage home in ur neighborhood for scholarship award.

2people from your religious settings to be empowered. Attending AGM in Hawaii, USA, PARIS. FOR MORE INFORMATION WHATSAPP ME ON +263774117247

This article was published on 28.06.2016 by Tinashe Sondo
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