Swap your cash for currency grade gold 1g at a time

One gram of gold

Sounds strange doesn't it. It's perfectly true though. Whether it's USD/GBP/EUR/CAD or whatever currency you're used to spending in. It all depreciates over time.

Think about £50 for example, cast your minds back 10 years and think what you would've bought all that time ago. It would have cost that much to fill up an average family car which of course was considered extortionate.

Personally, I'd love to fill my car up with fuel for fifty quid, nowadays, it costs me around 65 or 70 pounds, that said it has cost more.  I'm digressing

In 10 years time that £50 will have far less spending power than it does now, and let's face it, you don't get a lot for your money in the bank now and who knows about your pension.

Consider an alternative form of saving, saving in gold, 1 gram at a  time, or if you choose bigger denominations.

Sure,  the price of gold goes up and down in value like anything else, especially when there's a global crisis going on, but this isn't something for the short-terms, indeed, this is something to save for the grandkids.

The best thing about Karatbars  gold is that they're so convinced by this business model that once you've referred or introduced others to this opportunity, they give you FREE gold. You can't get cheaper than free!

Once you've joined, which is FREE, you get full exposure to Karatbars  products ranging from cards, notes and coins, to presentation boxes and clothing. You can have 1-1 form support 24/7 from me, your sponsor, my upline or anyone else.

You will never be upsold on anything, you want some gold? Great! -

No, you don't want any gold, that's fine too. It's your choice how quickly you want to grow your gold bullion stock.

The cards make great gifts for every occasion and it's very unique because Karatbars isn't very well known yet, that said they've been around nearly 10 years and are already active in dozens of countries.

The more cards you buy, 1g, 2.5 g or even 5g, the more commission you receive on every one else's purchases in your downline.

If everyone else in your down line introduces 2 other people, then your job is done so you can sit back and watch your business grow before your eyes.

This business is an investment for your long future, not a get rich quick scheme for a couple years.

Interested? Get in touch or click the link to get started

This article was published on 05.08.2016 by Dave Page
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