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Start may 2016

Only joined today and already received 5 Donations !!!! - Member to Member

Donation Platform,who would like to recive $20,$40,$60 Donations direct to your

bank acount ,Bitcoin,Paypal,Western Union.Comented Info And I´II send you info

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News: Step by Step Instructions

ALL newcomers are asked to please watch these Tutorial videos:

Upgrade Tutorial

New tutorial video how the spillover and Pass up features really work.

1: All of the new participants have a full 48 hours from the minute they submit the sign-up form to decide to participate by sending the donation to the assigned sponor.

All no ungraded accounts are systematically deleted at the end of the 48 hours!

All timed out/Deleted participants can now re-join using the same username and email as before.

2: In the event that any participants ends up with more then 5 referrals on their front row are asked to submit a suppert ticket stating the usernames of the additional referrals that need be re-assigned to the correct sponsor or spilled down into your genealogy.

Pleas be sure to include the usernames of those that need to be moved out of your row of 5 and list the usernames of the sponsors where they need to be re-assigned to.

IF you don't know who the sponsor was intended to be then please mention that in the ticket and state a username of your referrals whom you wish to have these additional transferred palced under.

3: We all know that communication is KEY so we're asking the participants to add the following to your back office profile.

(a) Skype id to your profile page and NOT hide it.

(b) Phone number can be land line or a mobile,

(c) Add your social links such as Facebook, google+ or any other social media accounts that you own, be sure to have several different ways that you can be contacted by your referrals and the members that will be donating to you.

4: Please always list usernames when sending support tickets it makes it so much easier to bring up an account when needed to resolve what ever issue you may have.

5: Please be advised and help us spread the word that the recipients of donation payments must check and be 100% sure the donation payment were received and then MUST either approve the pending donation payments IF funds were received OR decline if the donation payments were NOT received.

The system will lock the recipients account down if they fail to do neither within a maximum of 24 hours.

In the event that your account got locked down for failing to either approve or deny a pending donation then you need to if this happens use the contact us on the Website stating your username so your account can be re-instated.

The payers/referrals who had in fact sent the donation payment but the sponsor did NOT approve your pending for approval should send in a ticket after it has been 24 hours from the time they submitted the payment details known as Step2 which is a MUST to submit otherwise the recipients have no way to approve your donation payment.

Please be sure to include proof of the donation payment and the username.

There will be no action taken by the system, nobody will be penalized for declining a bogus pending donation when in fact the funds were not sent.

There will be no Ban action taken if the referral sends incorrect or bogus payment details, everything will have to be resolved between the sponsor and the referrals

However, if a referral intentionally sends bogus payment details and does not send the donation payment you must submit a support ticket and include your username and the username of the referral, those participants will be permanently deleted.

Join our CrowdRising Facebook group to stay up to speed.

And also, attend our nightly update and training webinars at 7 PM EST:,crowdrising

Just enter your real first name and click to log in.

This article was published on 15.06.2016 by Karel Sisler
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