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At FM World we sell high quality and affordable designer inspired fragrances, home fragrances, makeup, skin and hair care products at a fraction of the cost of the designers. 

How does this work?

DROM Fragrances  (One of the Largest Fragrance Makers) develops about 100 different fragrances each day.

Let’s imagine that Chanel is planning to release a new fragrance on the market. They go to DROM and take a look at the new fragrances that have just been produced. They sample a few and decide that the perfume in Vat Number 2079 will be their new fragrance.

They order 100,000 litres of the fragrance essence. The essence is then delivered to Chanel where they add water and alcohol. They decide to call their new fragrance for example… Coco Mademoiselle.

Designer companies and celebrities spend a lot of money on the design of their new bottles, the packaging, as well as advertising and glossy magazines, and of course engaging the latest beautiful model or actress on TV to endorse it. Actually sourcing the perfume from DROM is the least expensive part. All this money spent is recovered through adding costs to each bottle of perfume they sell and hence we mainly pay for the name on the bottle.

Chanel owns the name Coco Mademoiselle, they own their new bottle design and packaging, and of course the brand name Chanel and the distinctive logo but they do not own the essence from Vat Number 2079.

The designers are selling you a fragrance with between 4-15% concentrated oils.

FM visits DROM Fragrances and purchases the fragrance essence from Vat Number 2079. We use simple but stylish bottles, people like me who you know, like and trust to market the products and give you what you should be paying for - the actual fragrance! This is why we are able to offer you the same essence for a lower price. Our fragrances are minimum 20% concentrated oils in comparison the designer brands.

We have hundreds of the top fragrances in our offering.

We are a global leader in the perfume industry and have been in operation in since 2004. Its free to join, you earn instant cash profit on every sale, monthly commissions, bonuses and incentives. As a Business Partner it is your business to run how you wish, You get access to highly discounted products and sell them for market price. This is how you earn your instant cash profit. Your commission is based on points, Every product has a point system which goes towards your monthly commission. You also earn points on your team sales. This is how you move up the different ranks in the company and earn more commission, bonuses and incentives.

Bonuses and incentives include car payment plans for 12 months and all expenses paid trips overseas to a destination of the companies choice to celebrate your achievements. You can have up to 12 accounts all earning you 12 x the instant cash profit, 12 x the bonuses, 12 x the incentives!

The bigger and more successful your team is, the bigger your team turnover is and therefore the bigger your income. If you're a successful network marketer - this business is definitely for you!

If you currently work in the beauty, hair and nail industry - these businesses go hand in hand.

We have recently launced in the USA and Canada and its a very exciting time for you! I'm looking for Founding Leaders who can pick up this business, develop a strong team of highly motivated and success driven people and earn big! 

You can recruit from any country we are open for business in and there is a few new countries in pre-launch stage. Very exciting! I would love the opportunity to connect with like-minded people from across the globe! 

If you love life's little luxuries but not the price tag - then this company is for you!

FM World Australia
This article was published on 29.11.2021 by Lisa Maree
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FM World - Perfume and beauty, Free to join

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Fred Johnson Lisa , This is very interesting and educational, at least for me, I am going to bring this to my wife's attention. Anyone who is trying to build a home based business, knows that  1 month ago

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