Why drink Kangen Water

Everyone knows that water is very important, your body is seventy percent water! So what different about Kangen Water and the water from your tap? Well your local municipality needs to lift the Ph level of the water and they control this by adding chlorine and other chemicals into the water.  Buy the time you drink the water you are also drinking all the chemicals. 

The biggest problem with this is that the size of the water with the chemicals is bigger and the most of the water sits in you stomach instead of filtering into your body and feeding your cell to hydrate it. Now you don't get the function from the water which your body needs! Your municipality water is also at risk of other "dirt" which can come loose from the old pipes and end up in your system.

Some people purchased filters and this is fine if you just want the same water filtered. Let me explain. If you had one of the Enagic water purification machines you will have Kangen Water which has been purified and the water ran through electrode plates which changes the water quality to be a high ionized alkaline state!

This is the difference in Kangen Water. You will not only drink purified water but its ionized and alkaline. If you want to be healthy your body must be in a alkaline state. The more acidic food and drinks you open yourself to the possibility to attract serious illnesses like diabetes and too many to even mention here. You can ask any healthy driven person the key to a healthy life is a alkaline body! 

So this is a very easy way to achieve this alkaline state if you had Kangen Water as the ph for the drinking water is 8.5 -9.5 Ph level. Normally a good Ph would be 7, this is why everyone is going crazy about Kangen Water! 

If you would like to know more about the product visit my website at http://www.kangenwaterbyanton.co.za/ you can download a free ebook about the benefits of Kangen Water and you don't have to be concerned to enter your details you will not get anyone abusing your email.

You can also find me on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/KangenWaterSouthAfrica/ I normally share the relavant Kangen Water info and health benefits on my facebook daily.

This article was published on 29.09.2016 by Louisa van Rooyen
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