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The Influence of Commission, Bonus and Incentives in MLM Distributor Engagement


Multi Level marketing companies reward their distributors in the form of bonuses, commission, and incentives for achieving sales targets and goals, and also making exceptional contributions towards the company. 

Bonuses are rewarded for the individual performance of the distributors and given when they meet a particular target set by the company. Distributors are offered bonuses such as sponsor bonus, pairing bonus, referral bonus, matching bonus, rank achievement bonus, and more.

A sponsor bonus is paid to a distributor for recruiting a new downline to their team. The amount given is a percentage of the enrollment package purchased by the downline. 

Pairing bonus in a binary mlm compensation plan is paid when a sponsor or upline fills the right and left leg of their binary tree. The amount given is determined by the company rules.

Rank advancement bonus is paid when a distributor achieves a higher rank in their network. The amount given increases as the distributor earns higher ranks. Rank advancement bonus helps in motivating distributors to contribute more.

Matrix completion bonus in a matrix MLM plan is paid to a distributor when they complete a matrix as specified by the organization.

Direct referral bonus is paid to a distributor for recruiting referrals directly to their downline network. The amount is determined by the company. The more referrals they make, the higher the bonus earned. 

Generation bonus is given to distributors in MLM companies following the generation compensation plan. It is based on the percentage of the sales made by their downline generations. The amount varies depending on the number of generations a distributor has.

A board split commission also known as cycle commission is given to distributors who become eligible when they complete a board, move on to the next board, and assume a new position in the new board. 

While bonus plays an important role in increasing the distributor acquisition and retention rates in an MLM organization, they also increase the warmth of the bond between the distributors and the organization. Receiving occasional bonuses encourages them to contribute towards the company goals at every opportunity they get. It also pays in improving team collaboration and performance. Another major benefit of implementing a bonus or incentive scheme to recognize distributor efforts is creating a positive workplace with increased productivity and retention. 

This article was published on 23.03.2023 by Noufal P Bava
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