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Today I waned to talk about a subject that comes up all the time related to what company should I work with if I wanted to start making money fast online ,thus conversation comes up quite a lot I was  involved I was in a conversation just last week where  someone asked a

question about working with a certain company and the response was stay away from that company.The company they were talking about was related to a marketer who has been online for over ten years and has made millions of dollars , the truth is that it does not matter

what company or product you are marketing it's always best to follow your passion but if a company is directed by a leader who has made millions online  and has a reputation of helping people to make money  and offers you the opportunity to start for free what's holding you back?  The bottom line is  marketing ( let me explain true story))

The story goes like this some time ago in the state of California there was a a man who lost his job and was on unemployment insurance , after some time of looking for employment without success his unemployment insurance ran out, and he now was down to his last check so he needed to find a way to make some money fast.

One day just walking on the beach he came across this rock he picked up the rock and said to himself I wonder if I could make money with a rock . He knew some people in the marketing industry so he approached one of his friends and asked him  do you think it is possible to make money selling a rock?

Because his friend was an optimistic person his response was let's see what"s your Idea? his response was I was thinking about   making  a face on the rock with come cotton and materials clean it up it and call it a pet rock . So his friend  helped him to design a package for

the rock and went to some of his friends who helped him put together the marketing for the pet rock . The rest is history that Idea became a million dollar success story, why was it successful ?  answer is marketing it does not matter what you market but it does mater how

you market . It's all in the marketing learn how to market and success is your  it's been proven over and over again  marketing is the key to your success, start now learn how to market today and your tomorrows will be amazing  . Click here to  Connect

This article was published on 28.06.2017 by William Lucas
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