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Hi Everyone,


Omina Peters. here and today I'm going to talk to you about an nice little business called Easy 1 Up that started getting a lot of buzz earlier this month in September of 2016, and that's because we've been able to leverage the power of social media and search traffic through our exclusive and proprietary team rota-tor.

Now in case you aren't familiar with website rota-tors, generally what happens is that someone looking for information will end up on a website, and each time a different person visits that particular site, it will rotate to different affiliate websites

that belong to various members who have been granted permission to have their site advertised within that rota-tor.

Now, before I go any further, I want to point out that there are 4 different price points that begin at $25, and go all the way up to $500.

Now since $500 is the highest entry fee, it's actually classified as a low-ticket program, in relation to the high ticket business programs that can end up costing several thousands of dollars.

So by comparison the $500 package is something that's very appealing to many.

And because of the demand, and for the economics to work (being that the rota-tor is free), it's only something that we are able to offer at the $500 level at this time, so please be aware of that.

You will need to have a position at the $500 Vertex Elite level to be granted a free position in the team rota-tor.

But what's great about our team rota-tor, is that all of the traffic that goes through our funnel is the absolute, best quality traffic that exists, in that every visitor has a an extremely high interest level in what we're offering because they're actively looking for it...

...and many of them are ready to spend money right then and there...

You see, Quality of traffic means everything, and our Easy 1 Up team rota-tor. Take it from someone who's seen everything there is to see online for the past 20 years in the world of internet marketing:

What we have here is the closest thing to perfect you'll find out there, whether you're a novice, newbie or seasoned entrepreneur....and that's saying something.

So if you're ready to come on board and sign up, simply visit the link below at https://easy1up.com/lc1.php?id=academy for feel free to give me a call at the number shown and I'll talk to you again soon.


EASY 1UP Ipronia Team

This article was published on 19.09.2016 by Omina Peters
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