My Group of happy people

Hi everyone I am so excited with the way things are going ,what a wonderful group of people I have contacted being able to swap ideas and just talk in general it is an amazing way to connect to people from all over the world with things that concern all of us.

With the way the world is going we all need to have something special that we do and feel we are making a difference.All it takes is to get the right information that will help us especially with our families .to get more just ring me on Skype or contact me on 61456890649 and I would be happy to speak you, 

At nearly 87 years I find that the best treatment one can get is by talking to people and offering what ever is available in our lives.Contact me I would love to hear from you and have you in my group.I have had many things over the years I was a Lawn Mower man for nearly 20 years until my Wife got sick and passed away just over two years ago and since then I have been looking for something else which I think I have found but of course that is very special to me.

I was ripped of f with a program which I used to advertise through this medium wish unfortunately turned out to be illegal and the owner was charged by the US Govt . one has to learn by ones own mistakes it is a bitter blow especially when you loose money over it. 

I always tell people never to give up because there is something else you can turn to as IU have done and would love to share with you all . 

The best way to contact me is via Skype or facebook messenger and these are free to text on or make a phone call.

It always seem to be the same answer you get what this bloke on about and my answer to that is there is only one way to find out there is an old saying to much information over loads the brain and all we do is get confused by it but believe me when you do find something that is great you want to share it with everyone knowing that it will improve us. 

I love my group and the people in it ,all have a story to tell as you probably have also ,it is interesting to stories from other people and what they are doing because what they are doing could be just what you are looking for and it has been staring us in the face for many years.   
This article was published on 25.11.2019 by Eric Bruce Mason
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