The Next Big Opportunity That Will Rival And Surpass YouTube

Hello everyone, sometime in July 2016, I received an email from a friend who declared confidently that he had

found the next big opportunity that was going to change his life forever. So I asked him what is was and why

he had to be so dramatic.  He said it was  and that at the same stage when YouTube started was way ahead.

Nothing resonated within me so I dismissed the idea as comical and yes did hit the delete button. Well, 2 weeks later the same email came back to my inbox and after some serious analysis I decided to give it a try since there was no cost to join. Another reason why I gave it a 2nd look was that I understood the persuasive arguments of residual income and leveraging and saw a reasonable pathway forward without spending a cent. Suffice it to say, today, I am an ardent supporter and promoter and do believe that if the right marketing strategies are employed, can compete and even rival YouTube for the market place

Now simply put, is an international company whose goal  is to employ ordinary people to review and analyze their news stories and get paid for doing so. The company also encourages every person who joined to personally  spread the word and become active in sponsoring others thereby building a team for the purpose of residual income and leveraging. THWGlobal is also big on advertising and is encouraging its membership to look at the big picture and understand everything about viewership and the business plan.

In conclusion, let me ask you my friends a few pointed questions. (1) Where were you when YouTube was founded? Was this opportunity shared in  this manner? (2) Where do you think those persons are today that got in on the ground floor and stuck with the plan? (3) Is your vision big enough to understand the bold plans of this company? if you are still skeptical and need further proof that this truly is the next big thing then I implore you to log-in to my personal link & look at the amount of people that have joined in 2 months, is that not impressive? Did I hear a yes? I thought so!  In life we meet three basic kinds of people who (1) make things happen, (2) watch things happen and (3) ask what happened?  My vision like is to wake up millions of people to the realization that tremendous potential lies within. Awake! Rise! Soar!

This article was published on 04.09.2016 by Stanley Greaves
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