Traffic, Traffic, and More Traffic! 200 Fresh leads daily

Some traffic you pay for, some you don't.

When you want maximal website visitors within a minimal period of time, you definitely want to buy your traffic.  Solo ads, pay-per-click advertising, YouTube ads, traffic networks, and paid social shoutouts are great options.  The more traffic you buy, the faster your business will grow. And when you send all of your traffic to a funnel...  

The results you can experience within a very short period of time... It can be absolutely staggering! 

But what if you don't have an advertising budget? Well, as long as you've got just 30 bucks per month to keep that MLGS leads flowing in... 

You'll have a phenomenal advantage. And if you're sending the done-for-you emails to those MLGS leads (see Video #5 in Funnel Five)...  Then you may very well be getting new signups every single day.  And when your signups start getting signups... and their signups start getting signups... and so on...  You get paid on all of THAT action,  too! This can grow like wildfire. :) 


So if you can't afford any additional traffic, at least make sure that you've got that MLGS traffic coming in.  Then, if you want to drive more no-cost traffic to Funnel Five, watch Chuck's videos in "My Online Startup."  

(You can access that no-cost course from inside Funnel Five.)  He teaches blogging, YouTube marketing, 

and forum marketing, for starters. Really powerful stuff. 

But just remember, at a bare minimum,  you want to have:

1. A Funnel Five account (no-cost).

2. An MLGS account (30 bucks per month). 

Remember, for that 30 bucks, you're getting 100 fresh, new leads per day...  

Until you make your first sale of MLGS (which Funnel Five helps you do)... in which case, you're getting 200 leads each and every day! 

Simply send Lee's DFY emails to your ever-growing pool of leads via the MLGS in-house mailer (easy)...And just watch what happens! :)  

Anyway, I'll get out of your way so that you can make great things happen. Good job taking action. 

We'll talk more soon.

Until then,


Funnel Five

This article was published on 03.12.2019 by Douglas MacKenzie
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mlgs - Lead Generateion, 30 USD to join

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