Make $30,000 in sales in a 30 day period

On 4th may 2 guys had a crazy idea. You see they could market and wanted to teach others, but also set themselves a challenge. So they did something most people thought was crazy - in fact they themselves thought it was crazy too.

But you see sometimes crazy works!

They decided they were going to make $30,000 in sales in a 30 day period - yes that’s $1000 a day on average - and they have gave themselves a 90 day period to be able to do it.

Guess what - even they were surprised when they hit $30k in sales right in the first 30 days - that was $29,000 in commissions.

Ok so that was a fluke right - the big push to get there.

Month 2 was June - and they did $32,000 in commissions! 

Remember the aim was to show others what they did (it was not even so much about the money) - and they write up a Financial Independence Blueprint so more people can learn what they do - do you want to learn?

Well if you are reading this far down then I guess you are intrigued and guess what - finding out more won't cost you anything and there is no obligation.

So if you can’t be bothered to find out then you are not qualified to work with us anyway - as we want people that will at least copy and paste!

Now you can earn $1,000 PROFIT over and over again by offering memberships to others, who then purchase the "Genesis" product package from you. The best part is we have eliminated the main cause of failure, the main problem faced by 90% of the people trying to make money online; that is, they simply CANNOT SELL! 

With our systems, there is NO EXPLAINING, SELLING OR RECRUITING! Just spread the word about Exitus Elite and watch YOUR income, along with your lifestyle, start to improve almost instantly! 

Pay Plan

You get paid 100% commissions. This means that you get to keep ALL of the profit on every $1,000 product sale that's made by you or by our Automated System. Our Pay Plan is incredibly easy to understand because we only have one product level ($1,000). 

We use the proven, one-up concept which gives you UNLIMITED paylines and generates serious income! 

Even more exciting, you will never have the situation where you have to pay "roll up" commissions to someone else after you have done all the work!

So - it’s up to you - get into the group and find out more - just ask me how.

This article was published on 08.07.2016 by Gareth Lavell
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