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Hard Work does not equal to Business Success

Have you heard the old saying that hard work equals success? It is not true! if 1+1=2 then how does hard work equal success unless you add something to it? 1 standing alone is only 1 but if you and another 1 then you have 2. I have heard another saying work smarter not harder, this also is not true! When you put anything alone without adding an assist to go along with it all you have is that one thing.

Lets see how that equates to network marketing. If you or I do a job or project at $250.00 I get Paid $250.00 for that job or projects completion. But if I or you bring on someone else or team then we can double or even triple the projects we are doing and receive double or triple the income because we now have greater the manpower. Think of it this way at $250.00 per project you pay your people a set rate and you pocket the difference right? Now I know we all know this, so why does hard work not equal to success? Because it is standing alone. If we take the lesser bath of working smarter, then we know that we must add at least someone or something to assist us in doing so. Now a computer will assist us in working smarter being that we added an assist to ourselves. However the computer will only allow you to increase by so much, meaning it is still you doing the work and the computer assisting you in your ability. But if you were to add people to assist you in what you are doing it increases your capabilities exponentially. If I am a business owner my company gets paid a set amount I get money off the top then pay my people and the company get paid, so why not be your own company and bring on others to work with you and get paid accordingly.

1+1=2 2+2=4

Now for the fun part why just add when you can multiply? If I bring in 2 and my 2 bring in 2 we have how much? If you say 4 you are wrong you now have 6. 1+2=3 1+2=3 and 3+3=6 I know that you see this but it is worth repeating. So I hope that you now see that working harder plus working smarter plus multiplying your self equals success.

Now if your want a great way to multiply yourself look at network marketing. While your searching take a look at what I am doing at and if interested send me a text at 240-671-9292 with your name and contact info and I will get back to you with details and to answer any questions

To your success

Frank Lawson

This article was published on 31.12.2015 by Frank Lawson
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Jaye Carden You got a point Frank. Working hard doesn't work if you are working hard on the wrong things or in the wrong ways for success. Enjoyed the announcement!   8 years ago

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