The CEO calls this MLM solved.

I recently read a book on MLM in General.  The author had as his ultimate goal the enchantment to lure you to his personal mlm company..  The Great thing about this book was that he held nothing back in highlighting the truths we all know but never admit.p

Each chapter had a Funny Title and it helped lower the resistance guard we all have when being approached by an adversary from the camp of another mlm opportunity.

Gateway is like attending the MLM Olympics , each one believes we have a great opportunity but we are preaching to the converted.  Yes there are many many great companies represented here , but if we are true to our cause our helmet must be on and our ears closed, least the shine of the next guys dazzling offer hypnotizes us...

As this book progressed he started to reveal many industry logistics that we may not have had access to but I knew he was hitting the nail on the head.. the average recruit sponsor only 2-3 people ,, very few are making any ROI.  Over a twenty year period 90% of the companies will fold.. Yes I have been in all of

The one that smacked me in the face was his advice to Run / if the company would drop you if you did not meet certain product or recruiting standards even after years of service.. as had happened to a friend of his..

Wow the the company I was in just brought that in..  if I failed for any reason to place an order or bring in a new recruit within any 3 month period,,  sweet good bye..

Look around you folks , the people you see here are the Don Quixote de la Manchu of the internet..  the cream of the cream.. those capable of dreaming the Impossible Dream. Righting the Unrightable Wrong , Fighting on with indefatigable courage.

We have all Dreamed that the Company we represented would be suitable to offer to the little lady on the corner who is struggling on her pension , knowing that her small efforts would not deem her eligible for neglect by the company. Yet we know that those that have the elusive Magnetic Personality with secret computer knowhow are capable of opening floodgates of interested and in reality eager people willing to take up the challenge.

My friends may call it a pipedream, but there is such a Company being built now that has carefully acknowledged all the great challenges that every Company here has to overcome . People dropping out.. 

What No Drop Outs, Huge computers with seemingly endless contacts in the warm market.. No Cold Calls.

Artificial Intelligence that will identify and close those interested in your particular company..  this means you can run as many companies as you would like. Every Company here would benefit from the incredible versatility that has been built in by industry experts.

This Company will be called ONPASSIVE it is not open to the public at this moment but their is a backdoor I would like to invite you to Explore. It is called GoFounders.

It is So big unspeakable hehe. their own internal facebook equivalent, massive crowdfunding that will be autofilled for you..  It is every functionality you can imagine.. floating in the Ethernet.

For Pipedreamers  this is the biggest Pipe I have ever seen .

You will be hearing both these Names in every corner of the Internet.. What I have told you is only the tip of the iceberg..  Investigate it. Please..

A Founder talking to You.. 

This article was published on 10.04.2019 by Graham Hucks
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GoFounders - Internet Recruiting, 25 USD to join

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