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Private Invite To a New Opportunity (insider info)





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Below is my Review:

Live Good is a Health and Wellness company. They offer many inexpensive products. These include health, beauty, weight loss and more. They even have healthy coffee and shakes. Each of their products are available for up to 80% off retail. Plus they never require any product purchase.

My Experience with the Program So Far

I have been a member for about a month. I have tried one of the supplements and some healthy coffee. Both were very good. I am impressed with the price and quality of their products. I am planning on trying many more in the future.

To be a full member and get an additional big discount on products, they charge a one-time $49.95 fee. This also enables the member to make an income with Live Good if they desire to do that. It is not required.

What I Like

Here are just a few reasons I like Live Good.

1. Live Good is a very professional company that focuses on health. They offer exceptional products for a fraction of what other companies charge. They are doing a great service to others by making it easy to get and stay healthy. Plus they never require any product purchase in order to work their business.

2. Live Good has a very nice recruiting system -- This works great for members. It follows up with tour takers and does an excellent job of explaining the business to them.

3. Live Good has a nice pay plan -- They pay weekly fast starts plus multiple bonuses and monthly pay. They also offer extra incentives to members.

4. Live Good has regular online calls to help their members. These calls explain many aspects of the company and products.

5. Live Good has products everyone can use -- and every one of them is very inexpensive.

6. Live Good does not have any product purchase requirements for members at all. Anyone who purchases a product does so because they want to -- not because they have to.

Those are just a few reasons I like Live Good.

What I Dislike

Since I am a fairly new member I have not come across anything that I dislike so far. The company has great support and is very member-oriented. Their products are low-cost and high-quality.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that Live Good is an awesome company with exceptional products. And since they do not require anyone to make product purchases, their business is very much needed today. So many companies require high-priced product purchases. Live Good doesn't require anything like that. I find that very refreshing. I have also been paid multiple times so far. They have been on time each week.

Live Good offers products to keep people healthy, and that is so important these days. Plus they offer ways for people to build an income.


If you have any questions,

Ask me...

Joy Dore

This article was published on 21.01.2023 by Joy Dore
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Elijah Ngmensua HOW MUCH IS THE FEE  7 months ago

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