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The mindset for success is available to everyone. The potential is buried inside each and every one of us. We just have to dig in and access it.The digging in part does not have to be the hard part. It can be the fun part if you choose and desire.

There is joy in the journey of setting goals and working on those goals daily until you see success. Never forget that we are co-creators with God and have the ability to contribute towards shaping our lives.   

Its time to get fit.Getting fit and aiming towards the ideal body, wellness and fitness you desire is one of the most challenging but ultimately beneficial things you can do for yourself.  

Losing weight, building muscle and getting into shape are very challenging goals. Did you know that 70% of people fail in these goals and the major reason is simply, they quit.  

I can draw a similar analogy with network marketing. 97% of people also fail and the majority is because they quit. Quitting is not normally a result of how difficult the process or journey is, but a result of self sabotaging patterns.  

It is mostly our mind that gets in the way and tells us that we cant do this, I am not good enough, it cant be done, why is it important etc. We make excuses. However there is joy and glory in overcoming these inner obstacles and regaining control of our mind.  

Embarking on a fitness journey and setting goals and sticking to them can be one of the most important things you can do for your life and mind. You will face a lot of demons and learn to overcome them. 

You will need to tear through the darkness within and find the strength to fight all that is pulling you downward. At the end of the journey not only will you have your ideal body but you will have also benefited from the following 

Improved your self confidence and self image 

Eliminated most of your limiting beliefs

Destroyed your self sabotaging patterns

Ever wonder why some people who get fit, lose weight, etc go on to be very successful in life?

This is why I suggest that in order to succeed as an online entrepreneur or network marketer do it alongside getting fit.

Don’t hesitate to start that early morning regime, whether it be a jog or raising bars at the gym. Listen to all that goes through your mind, improve and enhance your intuition and take back mastery over your mind.


This article was published on 10.04.2016 by Mildred Chizutu
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